Podcast: Mario Draghi, "ungovernable" Italy and the EU

Author Tim Parks joins Jeremy Cliffe and Emily Tamkin on the World Review podcast

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In his recent piece for the New Statesman, Tim Parks describes Italy's crisis of government in 2021 as "a political psychodrama that beats anything I have seen in my 40 years in the country", coming as it did in the middle of a pandemic that has now claimed over 100,000 Italian lives.

Parks joined Jeremy Cliffe and Emily Tamkin on this episode of World Review to discuss the Italy's ever-changing political landscape and whether technocrat prime minister Mario Draghi – former president of the European Central Bank and friend of Merkel and Macron – can effectively manage a €200bn EU Covid relief package for his country.

They also explore the state of the country's vaccine roll-out and the post-pandemic future of Italian politics. Then, in You Ask Us, they answer listener questions on whether Draghi's ascendency will make any difference to Eurosceptics in Italy.

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