Sunder Katwala is director of British Future and former general secretary of the Fabian Society.

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05 June 2015
Let's not do the timewarp again.
The Staggers
12 June 2014
A story of skilled emigration.
The Staggers
29 May 2014
The demise of the BNP is an important achievement.
The Staggers
08 May 2014
The right needs a longer march than is available.
The Staggers
14 April 2014
No shortage of pride.
The Staggers
03 April 2014
The UKIP paradox.
The Staggers
26 March 2014
The average British voter is uncertain about the EU.
The Staggers
03 March 2014
Most fans will want the captain chosen on merit.
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16 October 2013
England are on their way to Brazil. Goals from Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard meant that a spirited Poland performance...
The Staggers
05 October 2013
It was quite a night in Middle England. There was Mehdi Hasan, the charismatic, young populist commentator, formerly of...
06 September 2013
Player's triumph shows things are different for his generation.
The Staggers
11 July 2013
A UKIP victory in the 2014 European elections could prove a game-changer in shaking up Scotland's independence...
The Staggers
06 July 2013
Sport matters much less to Scottish nationhood than it did a generation ago.