Ryan Gilbey is the New Statesman's film critic. He is also the author of It Don't Worry Me (Faber), about 1970s US cinema, and a study of Groundhog Day in the "Modern Classics" series (BFI Publishing). He was named reviewer of the year in the 2007 Press Gazette awards.

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Cultural Capital
23 April 2015
Difference and repetition.
Cultural Capital
21 April 2015
Clues to his changing politics.
Cultural Capital
20 April 2015
Steered reactions.
Cultural Capital
08 April 2015
This film isn’t bad. It’s mediocre.
Cultural Capital
26 March 2015
Motiveless crime.
Cultural Capital
25 March 2015
More than just jokes about avocado.
Cultural Capital
06 March 2015
Pure heroine.
Cultural Capital
05 March 2015
Hedged bets and risks not taken.
Ryan Gilbey on film
23 February 2015
Grabbing what feels good.
Cultural Capital
17 February 2015
Ryan Gilbey on film.