Rowan Williams is an Anglican prelate, theologian and poet, who was Archbishop of Canterbury from 2002 to 2012. He writes on books for the New Statesman

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03 February 2015
A bruising home life.
Cultural Capital
22 December 2014
No more happy endings.
Cultural Capital
16 October 2014
Small-town America.
Cultural Capital
01 August 2014
Rage against embarrassment.
Cultural Capital
30 May 2014
Have we lost all sense of moral purpose?
Cultural Capital
27 February 2014
“Waste of Glory, Waste of God.”
06 February 2014
The NS poem.
Cultural Capital
03 December 2013
It answered a sore need.
World Affairs
23 June 2011
While we're on the subject of building resourcefulness and well-being, it is worth noting that many people are...
09 June 2011
Rowan Williams
Human Rights
26 February 2007
Perceptions of Christian churches in the west are often of a dwindling organisation, quarrelling self-destructively...