Prateek Buch is director of the Social Liberal Forum and serves on the Liberal Democrat Federal Policy Committee.

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The Staggers
12 July 2013
As the citizens of Egypt, Syria and Brazil struggle for control over their lives, it may seem a bit rich to suggest...
The Staggers
22 November 2012
We may no longer be in recession, but the nation still faces a critical year ahead. Choices that the government makes...
The Staggers
24 September 2012
David Davis recently achieved the remarkable feat of being simultaneously dead right and completely wrong on the...
The Staggers
04 April 2012
"Brick by brick, edifice by edifice, we are slowly dismantling the big-state" says Prime Minister David...
The Staggers
15 December 2011
Mehdi Hasan asks "what's the point of the Lib Dems?" Citing five issues on which, in his opinion, the party...