Martin Jacques is a journalist and academic. He is currently a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics Asia Research Centre and at the National University of Singapore. Jacques previously edited Marxism Today and co-founded the think-tank Demos in 1993. He writes the World Citizen column for the New Statesman. His new book on the rise of China, When China Rules the World, will be published in June.

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18 April 2012
China's hard and soft power.
International Politics
30 July 2009
Talk of economic recovery is in the air. The FTSE has been steadily climbing over recent days. The banks are once more...
16 July 2009
There is one certainty concerning the British and western military presence in Afghanistan: it will fail. Only when is...
International Politics
02 July 2009
Could the Middle East prove to be the United States’ Dien Bien Phu? The latter, you may remember, was where the flower...
25 June 2009
The next superpower
Human Rights
18 June 2009
If you are white, you might think that English football is gloriously multiracial. After all, over a quarter of the...
International Politics
04 June 2009
US leads on the left
21 May 2009
We can already see New Labour in some kind of historical perspective; and the judgement of history will not be kind. At...
International Politics
07 May 2009
The eagle of fascism
International Politics
23 April 2009
I can think of only one international body that can lay claim to a semblance of democracy: the United Nations. All the...
UK Politics
09 April 2009
The end of the neoliberal era is surely cause for some celebration. It marked a decisive shift in the centre of gravity...
International Politics
26 March 2009
The G20 meeting on 2 April will deliver little but, like the first G20 meeting in Washington last November, its...
12 March 2009
Mr Brown is not going to apologise. He has made that perfectly clear by his silence, if nothing else. Alas, he is wrong...
UK Politics
26 February 2009
The 30th anniversary of Lady Thatcher's election in 1979 - and the beginning of the era of Thatcherism - now looks very...
12 February 2009
We are living through a crisis which, from the collapse of Northern Rock and the first intimations of the credit crunch...