Cultural Capital
17 May 2014
A university without walls
19 December 2013
Against Charles Dickens.
20 September 2013
Cartwright and Coe
10 January 2013
The Love-charm of Bombs: Restless Lives in the Second World War Lara Feigel Bloomsbury, 528pp, £25 The...
29 August 2012
An Almost English Life: Literary and Not So Literary Recollections Miriam Gross Short Books 256pp, £12.99...
18 July 2012
One of the few consolations in coming to the end of a full career of 40 years is that one can look back to perceive...
09 October 2008
Booker is 40. It now ranks as Britain's second oldest national fiction prize. Pride of place in that league goes to the...
31 July 2008
On one side of the "gr8 db8" stands valiant David: the author - one is told - of a hundred books. He speaks for the...
North America
28 February 2008
Bestseller lists began in the United States in the 1890s. They were introduced over here, foot-draggingly ("damned...
North America
17 January 2008
Here's a challenge. Think of a famous Mormon - apart from the one who may well be the most powerful man in the world,...
13 December 2007
The novel can do many things. But rarely can it do them quickly. It takes too long to write, to manufacture, to...
08 November 2007
The Iraq War has dragged on longer than the Second World War. Soldiers' reportage never caught up with that conflict....