02 March 2015
Critic at large.
06 August 2009
Those in the theatre world who rage at Billington's writings have always complained that he fetishises a particular...
02 July 2009
Does God hate women?
15 November 2007
In the mid-1970s, a group of men who were untrained in economics - and, as it happens, borderline-insane - emerged in...
UK Politics
01 November 2007
The Britain of 1945 seems like an unknowably foreign country now. It was a place where every theatrical performance...
11 October 2007
How can Naomi Klein top No Logo, the most influential political polemic of the past 20 years? Her first book...
UK Politics
21 May 2007
Johann Hari reviews "Littlejohn's Britain".
International Politics
30 April 2007
To the academic world's small population of postmodernists, Slavoj Zizek - a shambling, rambling Slovenian philosopher...
02 April 2007
During the cold war, every person on earth knew what the worst endgame would look like: the three-minute warning, the...
12 March 2007
America Alone is a guidebook to a continent called Eurabia, circa 2020. Its old European shell looks familiar; "most of...
05 December 2005
George Best should not have died in hospital. He should have died in prison. The "football legend" first beat his wife...
07 March 2005
In just one generation, the land of the stiff upper lip has become the land of the permanent stiffy. Only a few decades...
12 January 2004
Molly Ivins is Michael Moore withbrains. The sassiest and sharpest of America's embattled progressive commentators, she...
15 December 2003
A wise person once told me that, if ever I wanted to figure out whether or not it was worth chatting somebody up, I...
21 April 2003
In person, Peter Hitchens is witty, charismatic and great company; on the page he is so maddeningly, offensively,...