Jemima Khan is associate editor of the New Statesman

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22 December 2014
The NS Interview.
Cultural Capital
10 April 2014
What Star Trek can teach us about democracy.
UK Politics
25 September 2013
NHS, nicknames and the Tory leadership.
23 April 2013
“Polygamy is not going to go away.”
UK Politics
13 September 2012
An extract from the NS Profile.
13 September 2012
Jemima Khan meets the Speaker.
Art and Design
27 June 2012
Your latest work is a series of tapestries that explore class and taste in modern Britain. Why tapestries? Do you...
International Politics
13 June 2012
The Jemima Khan interview.
Cultural Capital
31 May 2012
A shorter version of this interview appeared in the New Statesman's special issue on Jews and Judaism...
23 May 2012
You published your account of the Holocaust in 1999. Why did you wait so long? When I came back in 1945, I was...
23 May 2012
Why did you start Hoping, your charity for Palestinian refugees? And why Palestine? I’ve always been interested...
25 April 2012
"One day, I’ll be a national treasure"
15 March 2012
Muslim men bring 12,000 brides to Britain each year. That leaves their female peers with a dilemma — accept a...