Eleanor Margolis is a freelance journalist, whose column "Lez Miserable" appears weekly on the New Statesman website. She tweets @eleanormargolis.

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Lez Miserable
17 April 2014
Tedious to unsettling and back again.
Lez Miserable
28 March 2014
Lez Miserable.
Lez Miserable
21 March 2014
It didn’t go quite as he’d imagined. . .
Lez Miserable
13 March 2014
Ugly colonial throwback.
Lez Miserable
28 February 2014
I strongly recommend the occasional bout of aloneness.
13 February 2014
Enter lesbians. Observe lesbians. Exeunt.
Lez Miserable
06 February 2014
One twentysomething living at home is a tragedy. A million twentysomethings living at home is a statistic. Actually,...
30 January 2014
Once upon a time, lesbians recruited. In the days of the Greenham Common peace camp and dungarees worn without a soup...
Food and Drink
17 January 2014
It's just stew with a pastry hat.
Lez Miserable
16 January 2014
Lesbians, we’ve peaked.
Lez Miserable
07 January 2014
This is a stultifying, macabre trend.