Eleanor Margolis is a freelance journalist, whose column "Lez Miserable" appears weekly on the New Statesman website. She tweets @eleanormargolis.

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Lez Miserable
28 July 2015
A gender thing.
Lez Miserable
16 July 2015
Five conspiracy theories.
Lez Miserable
06 July 2015
Mummy Pig Tips the Velvet.
Lez Miserable
01 July 2015
As different as lemons and tampons.
Lez Miserable
25 June 2015
Women love yoghurt, right?
Lez Miserable
17 June 2015
Everything about her is joyous.
Lez Miserable
10 June 2015
Lego men are easier to tell apart than humans.
Lez Miserable
02 June 2015
Office drama.
Lez Miserable
26 May 2015
Thank you for the music.
Lez Miserable
28 April 2015
It's as tame as it gets.
Cultural Capital
23 April 2015
Passing the age of believable f**kability.