Daniel Trilling is the Editor of New Humanist magazine. He was formerly an Assistant Editor at the New Statesman.

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World Affairs
11 December 2014
A deadly journey.
15 May 2014
Voters defected to Ukip.
Cultural Capital
19 February 2014
Kicking the Kremlin: Russia’s New Dissidents and the Battle to Topple Putin  Marc Bennetts...
World Affairs
21 January 2014
The road to nowhere.
12 December 2013
“Fast-track” detention.
UK Politics
02 October 2013
How we treat "non-people".
Art and Design
12 September 2013
Challenging power from the bottom up.
Austerity and its discontents
21 June 2013
Ece Temelkuran is targeted.
Austerity and its discontents
18 June 2013
A government unable to silence anger.
The Staggers
28 May 2013
A report from Downing Street.
The Staggers
23 May 2013
An eyewitness account.
01 May 2013
Thatcher's true heirs.
Austerity and its discontents
22 April 2013
An interview with the award-winning journalist.
The Staggers
14 December 2012
Avoid tired stereotypes.
12 December 2012
On the left lapel of Jean-Luc Mélenchon's suit jacket is a small red badge; a triangle shape. He wears it,...