10 October 2013
A reply to NS readers.
UK Politics
26 September 2013
Miliband has turned his back on two thirds of the electorate.
UK Politics
26 March 2013
So much for unity. On 19 March, Ed Miliband experienced the most damaging parliamentary rebellion of his leadership so...
28 February 2013
Hitler wasn’t a socialist. I’ve never spoken to him about it, obviously, but I think I’m on safe...
30 January 2013
In 1995, just as people were beginning to get their head round the fact Labour was heading for government, a memo...
16 January 2013
On 12 January, the Fabian general secretary, Andrew Harrop, wrote an article in the Guardian to coincide with his...
12 December 2012
He's close to indispensable.
UK Politics
28 November 2012
The announcement Lynton Crosby has been recruited to the Tories 2015 campaign team spells trouble for the Labour Party...
15 November 2012
Change is no longer the currency of politics – security is. That is the message, or at least one of the messages...
31 October 2012
Growing wariness in Labour ranks.
03 October 2012
Time for policy development.
13 September 2012
You say yellow, they say goodbye.
UK Politics
22 August 2012
Feels the tide is running his way.
UK Politics
08 August 2012
Who do we have to thank most for our glorious Olympic summer? Tony Blair? Ken Livingstone? Seb Coe? Tessa Jowell?...
20 July 2012
Tensions remain between the pair.