Cultural Capital
05 March 2015
Inventing Impressionism.
Cultural Capital
05 February 2015
Critic at large.
Cultural Capital
31 October 2014
Artistic struggle.
Cultural Capital
17 April 2014
“Drawing with scissors.”
Art and Design
14 November 2013
Holding the eye.
Art and Design
11 July 2013
Charms at once obvious and elusive.
25 April 2013
Reality, tweaked.
07 February 2013
Painting “modern life”.
Art and Design
27 June 2012
Candid magic.
03 April 2012
In March 1986, I was in Australia at the Adelaide Writers’ Week. One night at dinner, I was telling the outraged...
30 January 2012
David Hockney’s Yorkshire landscapes show that figurative painting – whether on an iPad or 32 joined...
17 October 2011
This weavera sort of marionette,her simple shuffle,repetitive two-step,pushing her slightly awkward stringslike someone...
30 July 2001
In Spoleto, where I was to give a poetry reading as part of the festival, an old friend, with a perfectly straight face...
17 January 2000
Every Friday in the late 1970s, I worked as books editor on Ian Hamilton's New Review. The magazine was under constant...