Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011) was an author and journalist. He joined the New Statesman in 1973.

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The Old Statesman
28 February 2013
The Pope, the Flesh and the Devil To judge by the tide of uncritical sentimentality which swept over the British press...
Cultural Capital
24 January 2013
From the archive.
World Affairs
05 January 2012
On the death of Franco.
05 January 2012
In April 1979, a schoolteacher called Blair Peach died from head injuries received during an anti-racism demonstration...
05 January 2012
"The lunatic of Libya" was President Sadat's most recent attempt at a definition of Colonel Ghaddafi. He...
05 January 2012
It takes so little time to check a story that reveals the reporting standards of the Conservative press that it's...
Global Issues
02 April 2009
I stipulate that for purely secular reasons I still admire Tony Blair for standing by the peoples of Afghanistan and...
UK Politics
17 July 2008
The New Statesman 6 October 1978 Extracts from a speech by Mr Michael Foot, MP at the Labour party conference in 1968...
15 May 2008
Human Smoke, Nicholson Baker, Simon...
International Politics
05 July 2007
From The New Statesman 2 April 1976 Hitchens, now an American citizen, remains one of the fiercest and most unrepentant...
World Affairs
28 June 2007
The departure of Tony Blair is a huge gratification to all those who want a quiet life and all those who wish that...
UK Politics
30 April 2007
During an interlude of concern about the change in currency of 1826, Sir Walter Scott wrote that ‘we had better remain...