17 July 2014
This “emergency” is about control.
24 September 2013
The rise of Ukip is an opportunity.
The Old Statesman
16 April 2013
Anthony Barnett, founding editor of openDemocracy, applied for the editorship of the New Statesman in 1986 after...
UK Politics
30 March 2012
The Falklands war is hugely important. Many try to pretend otherwise, especially those on the left. The episode was...
The Staggers
22 January 2011
Over on his blog, the BBC's political editor, Nick Robinson, posts a revealing PS about Blair's second appearance...
UK Politics
10 December 2010
At the start of John le Carré's novel Our Kind of Traitor, published in September this year, the 30-year-old hero,...
The Staggers
29 September 2010
Are the British media mad, in the profound sense of having so lost their grip on reality they think they are right and...
UK Politics
08 September 2010
Sorry, David
The Staggers
19 May 2010
1. David Cameron is the adroit driver of the coalition. He proposed an offer that the weakened Lib Dems couldn't refuse...
12 May 2010
What's going on? The first televised leaders' debate made a huge impact on me, as it did on so many people in this...
The Staggers
08 May 2010
A demonstration today brought together a range of democratic reform groups, blogs, campaigns and organisations at the...
The Staggers
29 March 2010
How should we vote? By "we", I mean all of us who are democrats: women and men who treasure liberty, regard...
22 March 2010
New Labour combined two fundamental elements in its energetic break with the lethargy, nostalgia and incompetence of...
Human Rights
02 April 2009
I had to chuckle reading Conor Gearty’s attempt to admonish the Convention on Modern Liberty in the New Statesman of 23...
23 May 2005
It was somewhere way past number 30 in the long list of commitments, in a Queen's Speech dedicated to reinjecting "...