Alexandra Coghlan is the New Statesman's classical music critic.

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Cultural Capital
11 August 2014
The hills are alive...
Cultural Capital
31 July 2014
A joyful production.
Cultural Capital
10 July 2014
Pretty but ultimately forgettable.
Cultural Capital
23 June 2014
Puccini and Glass.
Cultural Capital
27 May 2014
Thought-provoking and thoughtful.
Cultural Capital
15 May 2014
Cultural Capital
11 April 2014
Live opera is as physical as art gets.
Cultural Capital
20 March 2014
Rodelinda and Die Frau Ohne Schatten.
Cultural Capital
03 March 2014
From the sublime to the deeply challenging.
Music and Performance
14 February 2014
Dream lover.
30 January 2014
The Queen's composer.
20 January 2014
Opera’s ultimate problem-child heroine returns.
28 November 2013
Complicite’s The Magic Flute London Coliseum, WC2 Everyone’s at it. Michael Grandage, Carrie Cracknell,...