Sturgeon's famous tartan shoes. Photo: Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images
Sturgeon's heels do the talking: fashion and feminist politics need not be mutually exclusive
By Justine Picardie - 04 May 11:07

As part of her series on politicians' clothing, Harper's Bazaar editor Justine Picardie examine's the SNP leader's "frock consciousness".

What's worth staying up for on election night?
By Stephen Bush - 04 May 9:05

What are the parties saying about the key seats on election night, when will they declare, and what will they mean?

Watch out! The Coalition is planning another tuition fee hike
By Chuka Umunna - 03 May 16:55

If the present coalition is re-elected, students will pay the price.

David Cameron can declare what he wants after the election. Numbers, not words, decide who wins elections
By Stephen Bush - 03 May 12:42

Complaints about legitimacy may make defeat taste better - but it won't change who governs. Just ask Al Gore.

After the opposition warned of an increase in fees from £9,000 to £11,500, the Deputy PM remained mute.
Clegg reinforces Labour attack as he refuses to rule out tuition fees rise
By George Eaton - 03 May 10:48

After the opposition warned of an increase in fees from £9,000 to £11,500, the Deputy PM remained mute.  

Is Russell Brand going to endorse Labour? (Part II)
By Media Mole - 01 May 18:09

The comedian has released a teaster trailer, suggesting there is more to his Ed Miliband interview.

The guys who crashed the car: why Labour is still in a mess over spending
By Tim Bale - 01 May 16:58

It’s never easy to confess to a crime that you don’t think you’ve committed.  And perhaps, in the end, it’s not really that sensible either.

A battle between two fears: who'll win in the Vale of Glamorgan?
By Stephen Bush - 01 May 15:37

Stephen Bush visits the Vale of Glamorgan, which has picked the winner at every election since its creation.

Politics is everyone's business: in defence of business leaders who reveal their party allegiance
By Richard Morris - 01 May 15:26

Why it's wrong to admonish the potential future CBI chief for backing the Tories.

General election 2015: Who's endorsing who?
By Media Mole - 01 May 14:39

It's endorsement season! Who's backing who?

Watch: Milibae the Movie
By New Statesman - 01 May 13:13

People are now making fan videos about Ed Miliband. No, really. 

Boris Johnson out campaigning for Tory colleague Nick de Bois in Enfield. Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images
The Tories are just a step below desperation – and thoughts are turning to the threat of Boris
By Simon Heffer - 01 May 12:24

Most Tories still believe they will be the largest party because of what seems certain to happen to Labour in Scotland and because of the gains they expect to make from the Lib Dems.

Are Ukip the victims of a media vendetta?
By James Nickerson - 01 May 12:07

Ukip's supporters feel that they are done over by an hostile press. The reality is more complicated.

Ukip's manor? Photo: Getty
Think Ukip helps Labour? Visit Thurrock
By Anoosh Chakelian - 01 May 9:32

Anoosh Chakelian visits a seat that is a three-way race between Labour, the Conservatives and Ukip.

Mad dogs and naked men: what happened on the doorstep this week?
By Stephen Bush - 01 May 7:57

A ghost from the past, goldbugs and David Cameron's bicycle: what really goes on "on the ground".

The PM raised his game and delivered a more engaged performance as the deficit returned to haunt Miliband.
Cameron fares best as party leaders are put on the torture rack
By George Eaton - 30 April 22:43

The PM raised his game and delivered a more engaged performance as the deficit returned to haunt Miliband. 

What we learned from the three leaders in the TV election Question Time debate
By Anoosh Chakelian - 30 April 21:55

A verdict on David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg’s performances on the last televised leaders’ debate.

Forget healthcare: the trick to making people well is to make them more equal
By Lucy Shaddock - 30 April 16:13

You can't make people healthier without making them richer.

If you think the SNP are a left-wing force, think again
By David Clark - 30 April 14:30

Many on the Left see the SNP as a progressive partner - the reality is very different. 

Iain Duncan Smith. Photo: Scott Heavey/Getty Images
At dinner with Iain Duncan Smith, even the fine wine couldn’t wash away the taste in my mouth
By Suzanne Moore - 30 April 13:45

One of the best Tory party conferences I went to was the one where they didn't let me in. But it wasn't enough to protect me from the nausea and despair of Iain Duncan Smith's company.

The Palace Theatre in Mansfield, circa 1920. Photo: BBC
The Returning Officer: Mansfield
By Stephen Brasher - 30 April 12:31

Naoroji Tarachand was removed from the medical register in 1924 on charges of neglecting his patients.

On the road with Robert Halfon: Harlow’s Tory MP, who walks with crutches, uses one of the town’s busiest roads to reach voters during the campaign. Photo: CHARLIE FORGHAM-BAILEY FOR NEW STATESMAN
Election 2015: The battle for the soul of Essex Man
By Jason Cowley - 30 April 12:28

If Labour are ever again to win an absolute majority, it must start by winning back working-class voters in constituencies like Harlow.

Ed Miliband has a newfound inner confidence. Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News
The problem with polls, my secret affection for Ed, and why I didn’t run naked down Whitehall
By Iain Dale - 30 April 12:20

When Ed returned to LBC to spend half an hour in our glitzy new studios, he had grown a new inner confidence.

Miriam González Durántez and her politician husband make crumble at a West Country school. Matt Cardy/Getty Images
Commons Confidential: Firth blunders forth, Balls' food foibles - and Farage to quit smoking?
By Kevin Maguire - 30 April 12:17

Plus: Douglas Alexander burning the candle at both ends?

A river view of Worcester. Photo: JAMES HUGHES / ALAMY
Election 2015: Worcester Woman isn't angry – and that should worry Labour
By Helen Lewis - 30 April 11:52

Worcester is a true red/blue marginal – but as people's lives improve, Labour's core vote is fragmenting.

Andrew Adonis: "The tale of two cities is the reality of London"
By Tim Wigmore - 30 April 11:15

The Labour peer talks London, inequality, and why the SNP's hand is weaker than it looks

Can you be political and yet still doubt if you want to vote? Photo: Getty
Why I’m thinking about spoiling my ballot
By Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett - 30 April 10:14

As a girl in a rural area on free school meals with a single mum and a disabled brother, a big rude “f*** them all” was the only political message that appealed to me. And maybe it still does.

What if the polls are wrong?
By Stephen Bush - 30 April 9:46

Averaged together, the polls still point to a Labour victory - but the picture is more complex.

The US academic behind the concept on how Labour's manifesto reflects a new economic philosophy.
Jacob Hacker: Miliband’s not talking about “predistribution” but he has embraced my big idea
By Jacob Hacker - 29 April 16:34

The US academic behind the concept on how Labour's manifesto reflects a new economic philosophy.