Oxfam bites back
By Barbara Stocking - 06 June 13:00

Last week the <em>NS</em> accused the aid agency of failing Africa by diluting the Make Poverty Hist

When the eyes don't have it
By Christina Zaba - 30 May 13:00

With its built-in iris measurements and fingerprints, the high-tech ID card is held up by the govern

The insider - Kevin Maguire detects a bag carriers' revolt
By Kevin Maguire - 30 May 13:00

Reshuffle resentments, the PM's lucky tie and Charles Clarke's inflatable balloon act

Nye Bevan's sensational secret
By Paul Routledge - 30 May 13:00

Observations on revelations

The nuclear charm offensive
By Jonathan Leake - 23 May 13:00

We are all being taken in by a carefully planned public relations strategy. Its mission: to push nuc

Politics - Iain Dale has no problem being an openly gay Tory
By Iain Dale - 23 May 13:00

Far from being the preserve of Colonel Blimps, it was the Tory party that stood the most gay and bla

The cage that must be rattled
By Staff blogger - 23 May 13:00

Reform and respect: Tony Blair has proved considerably more adept at the former than the latter, certainly where the Labour Party comes in.

The insider - Kevin Maguire checks up on Nurse Hewitt
By Kevin Maguire - 23 May 13:00

A gold star for Blair, flying bedpans for Nurse Hewitt, and cap-doffing on the Isle of Wight

Charlie Whelan says . . .
By Charlie Whelan - 23 May 13:00

Don't believe it - ''Labour fear Ken Clarke''

Forget the Pop Idol gimmicks
By Anthony Barnett - 23 May 13:00

Observations on constitutional change

Darcus Howe explains Galloway's success
By Darcus Howe - 16 May 13:00

George Galloway just happened to be in the right place at the right time

I'm in shock. But I will fight back
By Oona King - 16 May 13:00

Exclusive - My election campaign diary

Politics - John Kampfner considers a Labour conspiracy theory
By John Kampfner - 16 May 13:00

The next few months threaten to resemble the dying years of John Major. The lesson is that authority

How Blair backed a loser
By Staff blogger - 16 May 13:00

Tony Blair's insistence he was right about invading Iraq looked increasingly absurd as the death tol

The insider - Kevin Maguire spots a tie that tells tales
By Kevin Maguire - 16 May 13:00

A rebel's surprising tie, a stalking horse on hols, and Alistair Darling saves the hacks

Charlie Whelan says . . .
By Charlie Whelan - 16 May 13:00

Don't believe it - "One more heave for the Tories"

A switch to Brown is not enough
By Clare Short - 16 May 13:00

A change of leader is vital, argues Clare Short, but will it, on its own, correct what has gone wron

Why Gordon should move fast
By Francis Beckett - 16 May 13:00

Observations on Labour and the unions

Watching brief - Amanda Platell reviews a bad week for bosoms
By Amanda Platell - 16 May 13:00

My election-night winners and losers, a bad week for bosoms at News International, and the similarit

Let's face it - the state has lost its mind
By John Pilger - 16 May 13:00

The media coverage of this past election was a pastiche. Our right to know what our rulers are doing

I see Thatcher in all her glory
By Kevin Maguire - 09 May 13:00

Election: the night

Kevin Maguire on the gossip

New Statesman Election Campaign Awards
By Jason Cowley - 09 May 13:00

Election: the campaign. In recognition of the glorious achievements and unforgettable moments of the

Doing it for laughs
By Brian Logan - 09 May 13:00

Comedy - How can you be politically sincere but still funny on stage? Brian Logan meets the overtly

Can Brown recover lost souls?
By Peter Kellner - 09 May 13:00

Election: the night

More than 40 per cent now think of themselves as Labour. But they didn't all v

Every picture tells a story<br />
By Nick Danziger - 09 May 13:00

Exclusive photos by Nick Danziger<br />

This time, please put Britain first
By Andrew Stephen - 09 May 13:00

Election: the future - Andrew Stephen on Britain and America

Life in the orange-lit uplands
By Richard Reeves - 09 May 13:00

Election: the night. It was a happy night for the Lib Dems, but this may prove to be as good as it g

Never trust a woman
By Sandra Barwick - 09 May 13:00

Election: the campaign. The female vote was cynically "wooed", but not ever taken seriously

Never mind the Art, feel the Access
By Richard Cork - 09 May 13:00

Alarmed by having to give an impromptu lesson on Tracey Emin to the former shadow arts minister, NS

Labour is still the only political show in town
By Staff blogger - 09 May 13:00

As Enoch Powell once observed, all political careers end in failure. Yet Tony Blair's is a very peculiar kind of failure. He is the first Labour leader to win three consecutive terms.