Key battles in election 2007
By Neil Carter - 27 April 15:59

A brief guide to the interesting contests for the late night election junkie.

Blow-by-blow on the blogosphere
By Owen Walker - 27 April 13:33

This week the political blogs are obsessed, not surprisingly, with local elections but some of the e

Hanging chads go virtual
By Mike Butcher - 27 April 12:28

Marrying democracy to technology, well you'd expect a few teething troubles...

Global Education Action Week 2007
By Hana Bieliauskas - 25 April 13:09

During Global Education Action Week 2007, activities will take place worldwide to raise awareness ab

'Tony Blair is a cult'
By Mark Thomas - 25 April 13:01

The campaign to concrete rural England, ban February and for legalising urban foxhunting hits London

Labour MPs for Trident
By Hana Bieliauskas - 25 April 11:37

A list of the Labour MPs who voted 'yes' for Trident

A nuclear shift on Trident?
By Kate Hudson - 24 April 18:00

CND's chairwoman Kate Hudson asks when people will learn that abolishing nuclear weapons is the only

Outing hypocrites is justified
By Peter Tatchell - 23 April 16:50

Last week a US magazine outed a number of well known people including an anchorman and an actress. H

The closet is a lonely place
By Brian Coleman - 23 April 16:35

Conservative London Assembly member Brian Coleman gives us his take on the controversial issue of naming people as gay in the process outing Ted Heath as a 'cottager'.

Food for thought
By Peter Wilby - 23 April 13:00

High-street greengrocers, newsagents and convenience stores have become all but extinct. The reason?

A sudden case of collective reverse ferret
By Brian Cathcart - 23 April 13:00

One moment wedding bells were ringing. The next, it was all over for Kate and her prince. The <em>Su

The darker side of Dave
By Martin Bright - 23 April 13:00

As the media hunt for a challenger to <strong>Gordon Brown</strong>, they have all but ignored the r

War of the words
By Sue Hubbard - 23 April 13:00


A L Kennedy <em>Jonathan Cape, 280pp, £16.99</em>

ISBN 0224077864

What was Boy George doing at Aintree?
By Kevin Maguire - 23 April 13:00

Talk of a last-ditch attempt by fanatics to sink the Dreadnought that is Big Gordie amid plotting on HMS Belfast, a battlecruiser moored up the Thames from Downing Street.

I'm the candidate. I'm stunned
By Dave Rowntree - 23 April 13:00

From being in a band, I've learned the trick of doing a good interview. Making a successful "impromp

Wales: England's oldest colony
By Niall Griffiths - 23 April 13:00

Subjugated and marginalised, the Welsh have refused to be dominated. But the conqueror's tactics hav

Come in, but cough up
By Shak - 23 April 13:00

Observations on visa charges

Climate change: Why we don't believe it
By Lois Rogers - 23 April 13:00

We reveal an unreported gulf between the pronouncements of campaigners and politicians and British p

A right to keep digging
By Peter Noorlander - 23 April 13:00

Observations on freedom of information

All is not fair in Merrie England
By Red Box - 23 April 13:00

Gordon falls victim to Cherie's schemes and auctions some Virgin gold, while David Miliband holds hi

Biking the election trail
By Sian Berry - 23 April 12:04

Sian gets out and about as the Greens fight for more seats in 3 May elections

Nobody leaves Ming in the corner
By Marina Pepper - 20 April 18:29

Dancing lessons, life meaning life and the chances of being ethical and working in the media

There are elections going on you know!
By Owen Walker - 20 April 13:29

Reading some parts of the media it would be easy to forget crucial votes across Wales, Scotland and

Moi, je suis Tony Blair!
By Chris Stacey - 20 April 13:12

The British ideas of left and right just don't seem to apply in France writes politics student Chris

Follow the money
By Martin Bright - 19 April 16:44

The Tory who lent David Cameron's party millions but pays no tax and retains his peerage

Tories attacking schools and public services
By Hang Bitch - 19 April 16:38

Hang Bitch returns with a worrying report of life is really like under Cameron's Tories

Stop demonising children
By Martin Narey - 19 April 10:53

Barnardo's chief executive Martin Narey attacks the way we portray children saying we risk demonisin

Don't get your fingers byrned!
By Martin Bright - 18 April 14:51

A minister's comments on immigration are nothing but a blatant attempt by Labour to shore-up its whi

Hizb-ut Tahrir
By Tim Collins - 17 April 18:17

Tony Blair wanted to ban the British branch of the Islamic political party Hizb-ut Tahrir after the

NHS: calling in sick
By Zoe Williams - 16 April 13:00

Why, ask ministers, when patients everywhere say the NHS is wonderful on the important things, does