Not Bright's blog
By Hang Bitch - 22 January 9:24

Martin hands over his blog to a guest writer - the author of the blog

CBB - you just can't get away from it
By Owen Walker - 19 January 12:32

Celebrity Big Brother seems have taken over the blogosphere

Pickled Politics
By Martin Bright - 17 January 13:31

The brilliant people at Pickled Politics are covering all the bases I wish I had more time to cover (Bangladesh's elections, the row over racism in Big Brother and Monday's Dispatches programme Undercover Mosque on which I was a consultant).

Macmillan's manoeuvring
By Martin Bright - 17 January 13:21

The suggestion that Brown will operate a bit like Macmillan jumping a generation when he forms a cab

Giving it all away
By Christopher Ondaatje - 15 January 12:00

The government must encourage the rich to help fund the arts

When good intentions turn to dust
By Charles Clarke - 15 January 12:00

Charles Clarke asks whether Gordon Brown has what it takes to pursue a progressive foreign policy

Robominister in retreat
By Kevin Maguire - 15 January 12:00

A sideways look at life in Westminster

Brown's year zero
By Martin Bright - 15 January 12:00

The wait will soon be over for Gordon Brown. After dogged resistance, the Blairites have given up tr

Life in the Faslane
By Caroline Lucas - 15 January 12:00

The Green MEP on her arrest during a protest at the Trident base

NHS: Can this patient survive?
By Karol Sikora - 15 January 12:00

Reform of the health service is slowing just as it needs to intensify. If we don't accelerate now, b

Peace and hobnobbing
By Red Box - 15 January 12:00

Tony seeks a way to save the world - and his job - by inviting President Ahmadinejad and Prime Minis

Saudi torture: a Whitehall cover-up
By Geoffrey Bindman - 15 January 12:00

It is not just in arms deals that Britain twists the law to please the Saudis. The human rights lawy

Is the post-Blair politics emerging?
By Martin Bright - 12 January 13:51

The website that is following John McDonnell's Labour leadership campaign

Bullying blogs and flying Blair
By Adam Haigh - 12 January 10:18

How blogs can be used by bullies, online political campaigning and a rational Stephen Pollard...

Victory in Downing Street
By Ben Davies - 11 January 18:46

How Mark Thomas won a famous victory, the brilliance of Simon Munnery and why it's important to spel

What will be Brown's foreign angle?
By Martin Bright - 10 January 12:01

Speculation is rife about Gordon Brown's approach to foreign policy if/when he becomes PM

Blair to stay till 2020
By Kevin Maguire - 08 January 12:00

Disturbing tales of a stroppy Prime Minister

Our new old friends
By Denis MacShane - 08 January 12:00

The opportunity for unity between progressives in the US and in Europe may have arrived

Wanted: a year devoid of sensation
By Martin Bright - 08 January 12:00

Brown and Cameron should try to make politics as dull as possible

In the battle royal
By Douglas Hurd - 08 January 12:00

<strong>The Lion and the Unicorn: Gladstone vs Disraeli</strong>

Richard Aldous <em>Hutchinson, 38

The most despicable character ever written
By Simon Kelner - 08 January 12:00

It seems that any group of activists can get their mates to email the BBC, and the corporation will

The Brown new year is full of surprises
By Red Box - 08 January 12:00

Tony looks for inspiration in a Bee Gee mansion, while Gordon rediscovers his Scottish roots

Kilroy fans dismayed by Big Bro no-show
By Owen Walker - 05 January 14:41

Robert Kilroy-Silk's non-appearance in <em>Celebrity Big Brother</em> triggers disappointment in the

Not Ben's Blog
By Simon Hooper - 04 January 15:00

What next after the Blairs and the Bee Gees? The Rooneys and the Camerons?

The economics of conquest
By Oliver Postgate - 02 January 16:50

Only a reinvigorated United Nations can bring the world's aggressors to heel

Time up for Blair?
By Adam Haigh - 22 December 9:45

This week's round-up of the political blogs includes commentary on Blair's attempts at diplomacy

Has anyone been offered a K or a Big P?
By Martin Bright - 19 December 12:14

Allegations about honours allegedly on offer continue to rumble

Don't get soppy about Blair
By Martin Bright - 19 December 12:01

A warning not to underestimate the seriousness of the loans for peerages affair

Miliband gets it, Brown doesn't
By Mark Lynas - 18 December 12:00

Why the chancellor will not become a green premier

Gordon Brown must show the world a better Britain
By Staff blogger - 18 December 12:00

New Statesman leader looking ahead to UK foreign policy in 2007