Sport - Jason Cowley enjoyed watching Serena's earrings
By Jason Cowley - 21 July 13:00
A summer to be remembered for fast bowlers and billionaires
Sport - Jason Cowley takes a pie-thrower's advice
By Jason Cowley - 14 July 13:00
Cricket, for many years, has wanted to be more like football
Sport - Jason Cowley goes behind the scenes at Wimbledon
By Staff blogger - 07 July 13:00
OK, so I was wrong about the All England Club, but not about the tennis, writes <strong>Jason Cowley
Sport - Jason Cowley meets Tuffers, a parody of himself
By Jason Cowley - 30 June 13:00
Tuffers has become a prisoner of his newly found, thin-spun celebrity
Sport - Jason Cowley on the decline of the rugger-bugger
By Jason Cowley - 23 June 13:00
How I learned to love rugby once the rugger-bugger disappeared
NS Profile - Barbara Cassani
By Stefan Stern - 23 June 13:00
One of the best brains in low-cost airlines is in charge of London's bid to host the 2012 Olympics.
Why Serena was booed and heckled at the French Open
By Andrew Stephen - 16 June 13:00
Even the suspicion of Gallic or German associations is now enough to get food, cars and drinks boyco
Sport - Jason Cowley sees English footballers dying out
By Jason Cowley - 16 June 13:00
Cherish English footballers while you can; they are dying out
A footballer writes
By Leo Benedictus - 16 June 13:00
Q Luther Blissett Translated by Shaun Whiteside <em>Heinemann, 660pp, £14.99</em> ISBN 043401000
Sport - Jason Cowley thinks Wimbledon is all bish and bash
By Jason Cowley - 09 June 13:00
Wimbledon is now an event of bish and bash and little else
Master of the unexpected
By William Leith - 09 June 13:00
Being John McEnroe Tim Adams <em>Yellow Jersey, 128pp, £10</em> ISBN 0224069616
The fan - Jason Cowley gets stranded with a pack of Wolves
By Jason Cowley - 02 June 13:00
Stranded in Abergavenny with a pack of Wolves and the odd Pig
Sport - Jason Cowley remembers a great long-distance runner
By Jason Cowley - 26 May 13:00
If I close my eyes, I can still see him now, a lean figure leading the pack
Sport - Jason Cowley recalls his childhood cricket fantasies
By Jason Cowley - 19 May 13:00
Cricket in Zimbabwe, unlike in apartheid South Africa, is multiracial
Ambassadors of tyranny
By Peter Tatchell - 19 May 13:00
Observations on the Zimbabwe cricket tour
The fan - Hunter Davies meets 60 Jimmy Savile lookalikes
By Hunter Davies - 12 May 13:00
Sixty Jimmy Savile lookalikes from Leeds and other award-winners
The fan - Hunter Davies mourns for overstressed fans
By Hunter Davies - 05 May 13:00
A moment's silence, please, for all those who die of stress on the terraces
The fan - Hunter Davies threatens to join the Spuro-sceptics
By Hunter Davies - 28 April 13:00
If my team can't pass these five tests, I'll be joining the Spuro-sceptics
Northside - Andrew Martin won't be seen in a punt
By Andrew Martin - 21 April 13:00
Lakes I love, punting I hate - even if you <em>can</em> punt you look like a wanker
The fan - Hunter Davies crouches behind the sofa
By Hunter Davies - 21 April 13:00
It may be a couch or a sofa but, whatever it is, I crouched behind it
The fan - Hunter Davies asks if Rooney is a thug in the making
By Hunter Davies - 14 April 13:00
To some, Rooney may seem a thug, a thicko, a five bellies in the making
The fan - Hunter Davies calls for a penatly shoot-out
By Hunter Davies - 07 April 13:00
Will the Iraq war go into extra time and a penalty shoot-out?
The robot that went nowhere
By Andrew Billen - 07 April 13:00
Television - Andrew Billen on a profile of the England football coach that's up close and impersonal
The fan - Hunter Davies pays a high price for an old programme
By Hunter Davies - 31 March 13:00
Why I paid £95 for an old programme, but noted the price in code
The fan - Hunter Davies advises a look at Spanish bottoms
By Hunter Davies - 24 March 12:00
Confused which Spaniards are on the telly? Look at the players' bums
The fan - Hunter Davies
By Hunter Davies - 17 March 12:00
The only new ideas footballers have are about hairstyles and fashion
The fan - Hunter Davies reveals his new publishing venture
By Hunter Davies - 10 March 12:00
I've gone mad: I'm going to write another book about a flawed person
Under and out
By Peter Wilby - 10 March 12:00
Lords' Dreaming: the story of the 1868 Aboriginal tour of England and beyond Ashley Mallett <em>S
Game of chance
By Kate Hoey - 10 March 12:00
Broken Dreams: vanity, greed and the souring of British football Tom Bower <em>Simon & Schuster, 3
The fan - Hunter Davies asks if our fans could sing in Dutch
By Hunter Davies - 03 March 12:00
Dutch fans sing in English. Could our fans sing in any foreign language?