The English cricket team are cohering, rather than chasing rivalries. Photo: Dan Mullan/Getty Images
The secret of England’s cricketers this summer is this: they have learned to be positive
By Ed Smith - 16 July 16:25

Bad blood between teams may provide a short-term boost but it also brings with it a longer-term popular disengagement. Thankfully, the opposite is happening within English cricket.

Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya leads the New York City Marathon on November 3, 2013. Photo: Emmanual Dunand/AFP
Will there ever be a marathon time under two hours?
By Rose George - 16 July 9:47

Ed Caesar's new book asks if the record is breakable - and who could break it.

Could Wimbledon's Fred Perry remind us of more than victory? Photo: Steve Bardens/Getty Images
Could this be 1934 all over again, a summer of British sporting triumph – and European tragedy?
By Robert Winder - 09 July 10:42

The twisting of proud nations on skewers of debt and want, the rise of shrill nationalisms, the fear of foreigners – all these staples of modern life can’t be more than bland echoes of those dismal days, can they?

Backhand compliment: Roger Federer in 2014. Photo: Yunus Kaymaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
How Roger Federer made tennis beautiful again
By Simon Kuper - 02 July 8:43

This very enjoyable biography-cum-autobiography illuminates not just Federer’s place in tennis history but also the way in which the author converted his psychological problems into sporting fandom.

New Zealand's Martin Guptill catches out England's Joe Root. Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images
The Kiwi cricket team thrilled us because they tried to recapture the naivety of childhood games
By Ed Smith - 26 June 10:48

Ed Smith celebrates the free spirit of the New Zealand cricket team.

Scotland's cricket team before a 2014 match against England. Photo: Ian MacNicol/AFP/Getty Images
“Ah dinnae like cricket, man. Ah love it”: in search of Scotland's willow
By Michael Barrett - 18 June 17:15

Caledonian Asians and itinerant Englishmen (myself included) complement a healthy population of diehard Scots who continue to support the national game.

Muhammad Ali, shown here when young, has grown old gracefully. Photo: AFP/Getty Images
How do sportsmen deal with ageing, other than raging against the dying of the legs?
By Ed Smith - 11 June 8:31

Competitiveness – against peers or past greats – may prove the initial motivation. But how long can it drive a life or a career?

England's own reputation in the global game ought to give us pause before we criticize Blatter. Photo: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images
Before celebrating the fall of Fifa’s Sepp Blatter, English football should get its own house in order
By Jon Holmes - 10 June 13:28

For all their righteous indignation about Fifa’s misdeeds under Blatter, the English football authorities were willing participants in the circus.

The FIFA headquarters in Switzerland, from where Sepp Blatter resigned. Photo: Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images
While Europe celebrates, the rest of the world will miss Blatter
By Jonathan Wilson - 03 June 14:33

Sepp Blatter is a consummate politician who took advantage of a shifting world order and Fifa’s history.

Sepp Blatter. Photo: Getty
Sepp Blatter re-elected as Fifa president amid corruption allegations
By New Statesman - 29 May 18:54

Re-elected for a fifth term even as his organisation is mired in a corruption scandal.

A sunset in Barbados, where Ed Smith stayed over the election campaign. Photo: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images
The Pietersen poll delusion, reading the election, and a tour of Tony Cozier’s Barbados
By Ed Smith - 28 May 16:53

I had a splendid election campaign. I left England for the Caribbean.

A police officer outside Fifa's Brazilian headquarters. Photo: Getty Images
Fifa thrown into turmoil as seven officials arrested
By New Statesman - 27 May 21:15

Football's governing body has been thrown into chaos by two anti-corruption inquiries.

The award for worst sox goes to Villa's Jack Grealish (R). Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images
Worst sox, duelling aeroplanes and the pull of the affluent south: it’s the year in football again
By Hunter Davies - 21 May 11:14

Next season, I hope for the return of gigantic sideboards, like what George Best and Malcolm Macdonald used to have.

A football memorabilia shop in Newcastle. Photo: Ian Horrocks/Getty Images
Damn and blast – my epic football collection is going down in value
By Hunter Davies - 14 May 13:05

Fans have no money left for books and they can look it up online, anyway.

A statue of Sir Viv Richards outside the Antigua ground which bears his name. Photo: Gareth Copley/Getty Images
Could West Indies cricket, once so fearsome, soon be closed for business?
By Ed Smith - 04 May 11:24

It is a magical story, that a tiny archipelago came to dominate a world sport - but now the West Indies board owes £27m.

David Cameron and Gary Lineker. Photo: Andrew Parsons/Conservative Party via Getty Images
Are you a footie follower or a fan? Take this quiz to find out
By Hunter Davies - 04 May 11:17

Pencils at the ready - Hunter Davies has prepared a simple test to split the fakers from the true fans.

Anthony Wilkerson rushes during a Stanford v Arizona State game. Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images Sport
The socialist principles at the heart of American Football
By Joe Ware - 30 April 13:20

Can we learn something about redistribituion and fairness from the land of corporate Darwinism?

Runners in the 2015 London marathon. Photo: Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images
The not-so-lonely long distance runner: how one marathon man brought camaraderie to London
By Xan Rice - 30 April 11:54

The extraordinary support is one of the main reasons why people aspire to run the London Marathon. Where else will you have strangers scream your name as though you were famous?

Kentish Town baths in 1909. Photo: Camden archives
I’d only gone for a swim, but I ended up being serenaded in the changing room
By Hunter Davies - 23 April 17:34

He was doing something I’d never seen before in Kentish Town Baths, and I’ve been going for over 40 years.

In political debate as in sport, practice doesn't make perfect: it makes for boring
By Ed Smith - 16 April 14:58

Instead of playing to win, politicians are seeking not to lose.

Ryan Gigs consults with "beady eyed" Van Gaal. Photo: Alex Livesey/Getty Images Sport
Football is a place of totally pointless prejudice – and that’s worth cheering for
By Hunter Davies - 15 April 11:27

In a way, football is democratic - your looks don't matter as much as your ability. So why is such a huge part of loving it hating the players?

It is definitely, definitely not the case that the teams in La Liga are better. Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images
Why are we messing up at top-flight football? I have all the answers
By Hunter Davies - 02 April 16:00

Champion of Europe? Not these days. Hunter Davies explains some of the reasons England aren't quite the footballing force they once were.

The crowd at Old Trafford. Photo:  Alex Livesey/Getty Images
Football is multicultural - but you wouldn’t know it looking at the crowd
By Hunter Davies - 26 March 10:35

"The fact that the majority of players in any Premiership game these days are foreign, and so many of them black, does not seem to have had an appreciable effect on the faces in the crowd."

Great Scot: Sir Alex lifts the Premier League trophy in 2013. Photo: Alex Livesey/Getty Images
Internship available: zero-hours non-contract, must supply own white gloves
By Hunter Davies - 19 March 11:21

Where have all the Scottish managers gone? This week, Hunter Davies seeks an intern to count them.

England have been a poor one-day side in cricket for years – now they're abject
By Ed Smith - 13 March 13:21

If this kind of performance is what you get after six months of dedicated planning, then less planning sounds good to me.

Poor Arsene Wenger. Photo: Ian Walton/Getty Images
The big decision for any manager is whether or not to scream and shout
By Hunter Davies - 12 March 13:28

"Wenger sat there silently, on the verge of a seizure."

Osborne at the royal mint. Photo: Matthew Horwood - WPA Pool/Getty Images
What the budget will not reveal: Osborne has been more pragmatic than his image suggests
By New Statesman - 12 March 10:56

This looks set to be a minimalist budget - but not all is as it seems, and opposition Ed Balls would do well to veer away from it sooner rather than later.

Ed Smith at bat. Photo: Tom Dulat/Getty Images
The secret to performing at your peak? Deciding which of the voices in your head is talking sense
By Ed Smith - 11 March 12:21

The conflict between instict and reason has left me having a small domestic disagreement in my head.

What's black and white and mocked all over? Pardew in 2010. Photo: Andrew Yates/AFP/Getty Images
There's more than one Alan Pardew: "Background" is a burden in the beautiful game
By Hunter Davies - 05 March 10:05

Football, where the dirty cockney and the whippet handler live on.

Van Gaal at Old Trafford. Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images
The life and times of the Iron Tulip: Who is Louis van Gaal?
By John Bew - 26 February 11:34

Biographies by Hugo Borst and Maarten Meijer get to know Manchester United's new manager.