Rather turnips than nothing
By Roy Hattersley - 11 November 12:00

Commentary - Why shouldn't an atheist write seriously about religion?

The flirts in the park
By Lindsey Hilsum - 11 November 12:00

The morals police are ready with whips. But Iranian lovers know how to stay out of trouble

Under Ataturk's portrait
By Mihir Bose - 11 November 12:00

Mihir Bose finds more headscarves and less <em>raki</em> as Turkey's secular state faces creeping Is

Sex, sin and a divided faith
By John Lloyd - 21 October 13:00

While Anglicans row over gays and female priests, the Catholics agonise over child abuse. The conseq

Where next?
By John Kampfner - 21 October 13:00

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Argentina: western diplomats warn that these and many other countries

Son of a preacher
By Kathryn Hughes - 14 October 13:00

A Brand From the Burning: the life of John Wesley

Roy Hattersley <em>Little, Brown, 451pp, £20</em

Let us become victims again
By Arnold Wesker - 14 October 13:00

Observations on the Jews

Cristina Odone says Catholics won't grass on priests
By Cristina Odone - 30 September 13:00

Why Catholics would not grass on paedophile priests

Now what? - Lauren Booth gets religion
By Lauren Booth - 30 September 13:00

Should I have my head dabbed with holy water? Or go for the full immersion?

The crush of civilisations
By John Lloyd - 09 September 13:00

The Afghan peasant has a faith that has tunnelled mountains and smashed cities. Can anyone really ho

The lynch mob at work
By Theodore Dalrymple - 02 September 13:00

Maxine Carr is already condemned; in Nigeria, at least they wait for the evidence

NS Essay - How the British invented Hinduism
By Pankaj Mishra - 26 August 13:00

By "reviving" the Hindu religion, the middle classes of India hope to turn their country into a worl

Going underground
By Lavinia Greenlaw - 29 July 13:00


Translated by Michael Palma <em>W W Norton, 400pp, £28</em>

ISBN 039304341X

The Inf

Secrets of the cloth
By Philip Kerr - 22 July 13:00

Film - Philip Kerr on a powerful expose of the most culpable silence in history

Get thee to a nunnery
By Edwina Currie - 15 July 13:00

Virgins of Venice

Mary Laven <em>Viking, 284pp, £20</em>

ISBN 0670896357

America - Andrew Stephen finds Americans too smug
By Andrew Stephen - 15 July 13:00

Americans truly believe in the manifest destiny of their country. "In God We Trust", it says on thei

Presumed innocent
By Michael Barrett - 01 July 13:00

Michael Barrett on the contentious life and work of David Livingstone, "the first African freedom fighter".

The rebels with raging hormones
By Helena Smith - 01 July 13:00

"In Iran," said the businessman, "we do everything - sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. It's just that we d

The end of the world is, er . . . soon
By Robert Winder - 27 May 13:00

Nostradamus: the final prophecies

Luciano Sampietro <I>Souvenir Press, 303pp, £10.99

ISBN 028563

Expect blowback
By Mick Hume - 13 May 13:00

The Clash of Fundamentalisms: crusades, jihads and modernity

Tariq Ali <em>Verso, 342pp, £15</em>

Darcus Howe on Louis Farrakhan
By Darcus Howe - 13 May 13:00

Blunkett has banned a black man who could easily be a new Labour supporter

Writing home. Malcolm Rifkind on why a miraculous intervention is needed if peace is ever to return to the Holy Land
By Malcolm Rifkind - 06 May 13:00

Letters to Auntie Fori: 5,000 years of Jewish history

Martin Gilbert <em>Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 37

Cardinal Basil Hume didn't want to know about the victims of priestly child abuse
By Cristina Odone - 29 April 13:00

When I was editor of the Catholic Herald, I was often asked why I seemed no more than lukewarm in my praise for the late Cardinal Basil Hume. The saintly man had single-handedly shrugged off the image of feckless Irish drunks that clung to left-footers over here.

Where hell lay beyond a 25ft wall
By Lindsey Hilsum - 22 April 13:00

Lindsey Hilsumreports from Jenin, and finds each side ready with its mythic version of events

When all the women in a family wear the burqa, five can share a bus pass
By Lauren Booth - 15 April 13:00

From Friday noon, I was imprisoned with around 30 of the UK's brightest and battiest women beneath the grand stage at the Royal Albert Hall as we prepared our scenes and (more importantly, luvvies out there) our costumes for a gala performance of The Vagina Monologues to mark V

Better than nothing
By Antonia Fraser - 08 April 13:00

Heaven: A Traveller's Guide to the Undiscovered Country

Peter Stanford <em>Harpercollins, 384pp,

Knock, knock. Who's there? A dead man's spirit
By Peter Stanford - 08 April 13:00

Peter Stanford attends a seance and is comforted to find a belief system that does not require us to

Under the snipers' bullets
By Lilian Pizzichini - 08 April 13:00

<em>Middle East Crisis</em> - Lilian Pizzichini gets little chance to make peace as she joins a non-