Darcus Howe finds frenzy at the mosque
By Darcus Howe - 01 August 13:00

On a visit to Brixton Mosque, I found frenzy, fist fights and zeal without knowledge

Difference unites us
By Ekow Eshun - 01 August 13:00

This has nothing to do with the Blitz spirit, writes Ekow Eshun. It is about a modern society founde

Why Britain is great
By Tristram Hunt - 01 August 13:00

We're called upon to stand firm and defend our core values. But what are those values? In the 21st c

Beyond blame and shame: what we must do now
By Ziauddin Sardar - 25 July 13:00

Terror and the UK: Young Muslims have been totally marginalised by their "community leaders". Nothin

A matter under review
By Shiv Malik - 25 July 13:00

The day after it was revealed that the London bombers were British, the Guardian newspaper gave space on its opinion pages to one of its trainee journalists, a young Muslim called Dilpazier Aslam, to write about the background to the atrocity.

A community in denial
By Shiv Malik - 25 July 13:00

Terror in the UK - Reporting from Leeds and Bradford, Shiv Malik finds a worrying willingness among

NS interview - Patricia Hewitt
By John Kampfner - 25 July 13:00

'People need to stand up against the perverted form of Islam that a minority of Muslims wants to imp

NS Essay - 'Religious radicals want to limit our freedoms, so to curb free speech is to give them exactly what they want'
By A C Grayling - 18 July 13:00

After the events of 7 July, the proposed law to criminalise incitement to racial hatred is even more

World view - Lindsey Hilsum sees Europe's opportunity
By Lindsey Hilsum - 18 July 13:00

Terror and the UK - Policy towards Muslims at home is as important as foreign policy. If British Mus

The conveyor belt of extremism
By Shiv Malik - 18 July 13:00

Terror in the UK - Hizb ut-Tahrir sells itself as a community group. Its members become part of a vi

The struggle for Islam's soul
By Ziauddin Sardar - 18 July 13:00

Terror in the UK - Most Muslims abhor violence, yet the terrorists are a product of a specific minds

''We don't mind what colour the baby is,'' said my father-to-be. The adoption officer beamed. Perhaps, after all, there was a baby available - me<br /><br />
By Katharine Quarmby - 18 July 13:00

Half Persian and half white, Katharine Quarmby grew up in a loving home in Norfolk. Adoption across

The censoring of our museums
By Tiffany Jenkins - 11 July 13:00

Certain artefacts in the British Museum are deemed to have such religious significance that the dire

Welcome to Iran. . . You're arrested
By Lindsey Hilsum - 27 June 13:00

The battle between reformers and clerics might be exercising the rest of the world, but Iranians hav

Scars on the backs of the young
By Shiv Malik - 06 June 13:00

Muslim children as young as six are still being allowed to beat themselves with knives on the end of

America - Andrew Stephen exposes a new McCarthyism
By Andrew Stephen - 02 May 13:00

Not content with controlling Congress and the presidency, the Republicans now want the judges to be

Labour can beat the fear factor
By Staff blogger - 25 April 13:00

In an ideal world, democratic elections would be characterised by a kind of Socratic dialogue. Rival politicians would put forward cogent arguments, quoting unadorned and carefully sourced facts. Questioners would seek further details and probe weaknesses.

Buddhists target Christians
By Rachel Halliburton - 25 April 13:00

Observations on religious hatred

Faith invaders
By Cristina Odone - 18 April 13:00

As Britain's culture wars grow in intensity, and abortion and artistic freedom become hot issues, Cr

A pope who said the unsayable
By Staff blogger - 11 April 13:00

How can it be that, while the prospect of a general election campaign is greeted with a collective public yawn, the death of an 84-year-old Pole grips the country's attention and imagination?

America - Andrew Stephen finds Catholics moving rightwards
By Andrew Stephen - 11 April 13:00

With many pharmacists refusing to accept, or even confiscating, women's birth-control prescriptions,

Now they are ridiculous
By Nick Cohen - 11 April 13:00

The cult of monarchy is over, as the royal wedding fiasco shows. But Catholic cardinals should know

Blood of innocents on his hands
By Michela Wrong - 11 April 13:00

Pope John Paul II helped keep the continent of Africa disease-ridden, famished and disastrously unde

Who would Great Aunt Gittel go for?
By Linda Grant - 04 April 13:00

Linda Grant is trying to make up her mind between two Jewish women candidates

A woman breaks a taboo
By Allegra Stratton - 28 March 13:00

Observations on Islam

Holy thoughts
By Mary Kenny - 21 March 12:00

Memory and Identity: personal reflections

Pope John Paul II <em>Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 198pp, £12.

Even Desperate Housewives is a victim of the culture wars
By Francis Beckett - 07 March 12:00

Violence and threats from militant religious groups are coming thick and fast, and the targets are w

Bigotry lives on in Scotland
By Tim Luckhurst - 21 February 12:00

Observations on religious schools

A terrible evil unleashed
By Daphna Baram - 14 February 12:00

Observations on Melanie Phillips

Labour's contemptible election trade-off
By Nick Cohen - 31 January 12:00

Ministers have written off free speech as collateral in the Iraq war. By proposing to make it a crim