Baby Jesus is on CCTV
By Lucy Sweet - 18 December 12:00

Christmas around the world: Glasgow

How Tony Blair rewrote our past
By Darcus Howe - 18 December 12:00

Tony Blair is guilty of 'muddled thinking' on race

Perfectly impossible
By Andrew Brown - 18 December 12:00

Theological argument has to be about the unprovable

Quakers and God
By Sally Brooks - 18 December 10:54

In her first blog Quaker Sally Brooks explains how she believes how God is in everyone

The rabbi responds
By Rabbi Janet Burden - 15 December 15:29

In her final blog, Janet Burden responds to a question from reader Adrian Cangado

Jewish Beliefs and Practice
By Rabbi Janet Burden - 13 December 10:03

What jews believe and how the rules of Judaism get applied in practice

Reflections on Jewish Identity
By Rabbi Janet Burden - 12 December 9:55

How Jews are not simply a race or a religion - they are an extended family with all that implies

A Jewish Path
By Rabbi Janet Burden - 11 December 10:49

How a Midwestern American Christian began her journey towards liberal Judaism

Islam and pluralism
By Asim Siddiqui - 07 December 11:46

Intolerance has 'contaminated' both Islam and Christianity

Islam and Jihad
By Asim Siddiqui - 06 December 9:50

The truth about Islam and war and the way fundamentalists have manipulated the term 'Jihad'

Islam and knowledge
By Asim Siddiqui - 05 December 11:05

The intellectual influence of Islam and fears for Muslim scholarship today and in the future

Defeating the "envoy of God"
By Max Ajl - 04 December 12:00

Ecuador - Rafael Correa

Islam: the five pillars
By Asim Siddiqui - 04 December 9:59

This week the faith column is devoted to Islam beginning with a brief overview of the religion

How my religion works
By Barney Leith - 01 December 14:25

How Bahá’ís worship, how the religion is structured and who wields power

The history of the faith
By Barney Leith - 30 November 11:56

Barney Leith recounts the history of the Bahá’í faith and some of the persecution it has suffered

How being a Bahá’í shaped my life
By Barney Leith - 28 November 12:54

Each week someone from a different religion explains what they believe in. Here Barney Leith explain

Playing God
By A C Grayling - 27 November 12:00

Religious belief is not just a philosophical issue - it divides families and societies. That is why

Wanted: new thinking on race hate
By Ziauddin Sardar - 27 November 12:00

Race hate is a social problem which requires a social solution, writes Ziauddin Sardar

Can sharia be good for women?
By F Brinley Bruton - 27 November 12:00

Across Afghanistan, girls and women are now receiving an education: but it is a purely Islamic one

Back-seat drivers
By Ambur Beg - 27 November 12:00

Observations on the road

The deadly existence of a quiet man
By Darcus Howe - 20 November 12:00

Darcus Howe on Dhiren Barot, the al-Qaeda plotter who was jailed for life earlier this month

Who can make polio history?
By Michela Wrong - 20 November 12:00

Gordon Brown's $4bn vaccination programme is being resisted in some parts of Africa.

Divided in peace
By John Kampfner - 20 November 12:00

Northern Ireland is on the verge of a historic power-sharing deal. But any pact between hardline rep

Why God can't not exist
By Andrew Brown - 13 November 12:00

Andrew Brown assesses how an understanding of consciousness has implications for atheism

A new McCarthy era dawns in America
By Ziauddin Sardar - 13 November 12:00

My friend Vinay Lal is a formidable intellect. An old-fashioned polymath, he teaches South Asian history at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Always outspoken, Vinay relishes a good argument and marshals his case to devastating effect.

A guide to being a Bahá'í'
By Barney Leith - 06 November 17:30

I was a callow 17-year-old when I first met the Bahá'ís. I'd been brought up and confirmed in the Church of England, but my faith had waned somewhat in my teens and I considered myself an atheist.

Piety and prejudice
By Andrew Billen - 30 October 12:00

The Moors murderer meets a bumbling Christian; the result is comic horror


Shazia's Week
By Shazia Mirza - 30 October 12:00

The women in my family have started wearing the burqa, as we all use the same bus pass

Changing the rules*
By Sadakat Kadri - 30 October 12:00

What's a Satanist allowed to do on Hallowe'en? Can the police keep your case on file even if you're

The divine comedy
By Margaret Cook - 30 October 12:00

<strong>The God Delusion</strong>

Richard Dawkins <em>Bantam Press,416pp, £20</em>

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