What is truth?
By Mike West - 07 March 11:01

Truth, the case for liberalism and how fundamentalists suffer from a permanent intellectual adolesce

My lamented sister
By Etgar Keret - 05 March 12:00

Etgar Keret is Israel's most admired short-story writer as well as a columnist for <a href="http://w

Fifteen minutes of Muslim fame
By Ziauddin Sardar - 05 March 12:00

A 'power list' of British Muslims has nothing to do with real power

Why 'Opposition is True Friendship'
By Graham Harvey - 02 March 11:30

Graham Harvey discusses the relationships that animate animists

Eat your neighbours
By Graham Harvey - 01 March 13:09

The problem isn't what we eat but who...

Is your computer alive?
By Graham Harvey - 28 February 12:06

Why we should treat rocks with respect

Animism and hedgehogs
By Graham Harvey - 27 February 16:23

Deep down we may all be animists

It could have been me
By Rowan Williams - 26 February 12:00

The Archbishop of Canterbury reveals the plight of fellow Christian leader Samba Momesori, imprisone

Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock, has died aged 83.
The humanist values of Star Trek
By Andrew Copson - 22 February 11:41

A Starfleet crew values cooperation and liberality. They value the equality of persons and the dignity of life.

The open society
By Andrew Copson - 21 February 12:05

The humanist view of what constitutes an open sociey

The Golden Rule
By Andrew Copson - 20 February 11:02

Humanist ethics - a foundation for secular morality

What is a humanist?
By Andrew Copson - 19 February 13:16

Meaning and purpose in a godless universe

Not such a brave new world
By Ziauddin Sardar - 19 February 12:00

How new technology comes wrapped in hyperbole but seldom does what it says on the box

Healing ideas
By Tony Lobl - 15 February 10:03

In his final blog Tony Lobl explains how Christian Scientists worship and that, for them, god is mot

Serving church – who me?!
By Tony Lobl - 14 February 11:45

The central ethos of Christian Science plus its founder's very significant contribution to the media

What's the history of Christian Science?
By Tony Lobl - 13 February 10:14

How Christian Science is neither a church nor a denomination

Too complex for Dubbya
By Andrew Stephen - 12 February 12:00

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Rumsfeld and co never realised the Sunni-Shia division coul

History of a conflict
By Rachel Aspden - 12 February 12:00

Key facts about Sunni and Shia Muslims

Sunni v Shia
By Zaki Chehab - 12 February 12:00

The clash between Sunni and Shia Muslims is the greatest cause of strife across the Arab world. Here

Birmingham: the questions remain
By Shiv Malik - 12 February 12:00

In Sparkhill, Shiv Malik finds that scepticism and "agendas" surround the alleged plot to kidnap and

The path to Christian Science
By Tony Lobl - 12 February 11:15

How Tony Lobl's prayers were answered when he was a teenager and how that started his journey to Chr

Buddhism - ceremonies and statues
By Diana St Ruth - 08 February 12:23

How rituals cannot be seen route to a holy pay-off in the future

A Living Practice
By Diana St Ruth - 07 February 10:12

Buddhism - a way of life not a belief. Buddha - an inspiration not an idol.

The origins of Buddhism
By Diana St Ruth - 06 February 10:40

How Siddhartha Gautama found enlightenment under a tree finding total freedom, liberating his mind f

The difference between right and left
By Ziauddin Sardar - 05 February 12:00

What Indians get up to with their hands

Once again, the west wages the wrong war
By Rageh Omaar - 05 February 12:00

Rageh travels to the Republic of Somaliland to visit relatives and finds puritanical interpretations

Still the best of enemies
By John O'Farrell - 05 February 12:00

Observations on Northern Ireland

Blind faith
By Giles Fraser - 05 February 12:00

Christian fundamentalism offers America's underclass hope and security - at the price of total obedi

The miracle at Cana
By Roger Scruton - 05 February 12:00

The cult of Jesus may have been grafted on to that of Dionysus

My Journey of Discovery
By Diana St Ruth - 05 February 10:17

How death sparked the beginning of a spiritual journey that led to Buddhism and a deep inquiry int