What Egyptian cinema can teach us
By Ziauddin Sardar - 02 April 13:00

How film can offer a complex reading of the origins and motivations of Muslim fundamentalists

Cherokee myths, legends and superstitions
By Kathy Van Buskirk - 02 April 11:09

Native American Kathy Van Buskirk explains what her culture and religion mean to her in this week's

I'm a quitter not a fighter
By Ben Davies - 30 March 18:04

Carol Thatcher, Mormons and other stories...

How being a Druid affects my life?
By Damh - 29 March 10:50

How life is circular not linear and how being a Druid inspires a sense of we, not us and them

A brief history of druidry
By Damh - 28 March 11:34

From being the educated elite of the 'Celtic' peoples through to a modern revival that began 300 yea

Worshipping the Sun of God
By Damh - 27 March 11:11

Damh explains what guides his worship and what a modern Druid does

Scotland: Time to say goodbye?
By Allan Little - 26 March 13:00

Allan Little introduces our special report on Scotland with a look back at history, empire and Thatc

How did I become a Druid?
By Damh - 26 March 11:38

This week's Faith Column is written by Damh who devotes his first blog to explaining how his interes

Worshipping the ancient Greek Gods
By Nikolaos Markoulakis - 22 March 11:58

The different gods of Ancient Greek polytheism and how they are worshipped

A liberal religion
By Nikolaos Markoulakis - 21 March 9:25

In the third and fourth blogs devoted to the religion of ancient Greece, Nikolaos Markoulakis takes

'The ancient gods of Greece are not extinct'
By James Head - 20 March 10:41

James Head gives his personal interpretation of the Greek Polytheist religion in the 21st Century

A believer's guide to scepticism
By Ziauddin Sardar - 19 March 12:00

The danger of beliefs that spare no room for doubt

A blackboard epiphany in Ancient Delphi
By James Head - 19 March 9:47

How a schoolteacher's epiphany at Delphi led him to worship Apollo

Wasted time, wasted sperm
By Richard Herring - 16 March 10:17

Herring proposes a hell worse than any religion could conjure

By Susan Blackmore - 15 March 12:23

In her final blog, atheist Sue Blackmore gives her assessment of the role of religions

Letting go of free will
By Susan Blackmore - 14 March 9:47

If there is no God and no spirit, then why do we want to be good?

Keep your rosaries off our ovaries…
By Hang Bitch - 13 March 10:12

Guest blogger Hang Bitch returns to Bright's Blog this time writing about the issue of abortion

Being spiritual without faith?
By Susan Blackmore - 13 March 9:35

Out of body experiences, Zen, witchcraft and some interesting drugs

Freedom fighter
By John Gray - 12 March 12:00

Isaiah Berlin believed that humans make their own destiny. But his encounter with Adam von Trott, Hi

What do I believe?
By Susan Blackmore - 12 March 10:26

What does an atheist believe? In the latest Faith Column Sue Blackmore sets out her philosophy

In the middle or on the edge?
By Mike West - 09 March 10:16

How a dog's life can been a rather luxurious affair and how Lincoln Cathedral is a "shrine of spirit

The Da Vinci decode
By Mike West - 08 March 10:23

In his latest blog, Lincoln Cathedral Chancellor Mike West returns to the controversy of the Da Vinc

What is truth?
By Mike West - 07 March 11:01

Truth, the case for liberalism and how fundamentalists suffer from a permanent intellectual adolesce

My lamented sister
By Etgar Keret - 05 March 12:00

Etgar Keret is Israel's most admired short-story writer as well as a columnist for <a href="http://w

Fifteen minutes of Muslim fame
By Ziauddin Sardar - 05 March 12:00

A 'power list' of British Muslims has nothing to do with real power

Why 'Opposition is True Friendship'
By Graham Harvey - 02 March 11:30

Graham Harvey discusses the relationships that animate animists

Eat your neighbours
By Graham Harvey - 01 March 13:09

The problem isn't what we eat but who...

Is your computer alive?
By Graham Harvey - 28 February 12:06

Why we should treat rocks with respect

Animism and hedgehogs
By Graham Harvey - 27 February 16:23

Deep down we may all be animists

It could have been me
By Rowan Williams - 26 February 12:00

The Archbishop of Canterbury reveals the plight of fellow Christian leader Samba Momesori, imprisone