Mitt Romney
Republicans are in open revolt as Romney blunders on
By Nicholas Wapshott - 27 September 6:42

Romney is incapable of changing his personality, his modus operandi and his campaign staff in time to pull off a coup.

Romney is losing - polls put Obama a crucial five points ahead in Ohio
Paranoia about "operatives" infiltrates Romney's grassroots support in Ohio
By Nicky Woolf - 26 September 8:47

“You have a Chicago telephone number and you're a Liberal. Get out or I'll call the sheriff.”

Barack Obama addresses the UN General Assembly in New York City.
Quote of the day
By New Statesman - 26 September 7:21

Barack Obama on free speech.

Newly elected Somali president Hasan Sheikh Mahmud
President of Somalia sets top three priorities: Security, security, security
By Anonymous Geographer - 25 September 12:53

All the more important as an MP from the new parliament is gunned down in a Mogadishu street.

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney isn't losing the election - yet
By John Stoehr - 25 September 10:15

Despite a narrative emerging of Romney's failure, Obama remains weak on the economy.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Quote of the day
By New Statesman - 25 September 7:15

Hillary Clinton on the super-rich.

Farewell to Hindenburgplatz
By James Dawson - 24 September 10:51

A referendum in a German town over a street name sparks a debate over whether ambiguous historical figures should be honoured.

Georgian students hold placards and shout slogans.
Prison brutality in Georgia reveals the dark side of post-Soviet empire
By Denis MacShane - 21 September 15:58

Georgia should open itself to a full European inquiry into this terrible episode.

New Statesman
Fortuyn's ghost will haunt the Netherlands for a while yet
By Roeland Termote - 21 September 15:52

Disaffected voters could start flowing back to the fringes as austerity hardens.

Why Obama could still lose in November
By Richard Mylles - 21 September 13:42

Worsening jobs figures, Romney's ad blitz and low approval ratings are reasons for Obama not to be complacent.

The grain silo in the middle of Hicksville town centre
Bellwether blues in Defiance County, Ohio
By Nicky Woolf - 21 September 11:13

"If Obama can carry 40 per cent in Defiance, he'll carry Ohio. If he carries Ohio, he carries the election."

Australian prime minister Julia Gillard and treasurer Wayne Swan.
Quote of the Day
By New Statesman - 21 September 7:19

Australian treasurer Wayne Swan on the Republicans.

Jon Stewart on Mitt Romney
Video: Jon Stewart tears apart Mitt Romney for his "47 per cent" remarks
By New Statesman - 20 September 8:46

The Daily Show host says Romney spoke “in a manner you would imagine cartoon rich people talk about cartoon poor people.”

Romney says 47% of US voters are "dependent" and will never vote for him
By George Eaton - 18 September 0:05

Secret video reveals Republican candidate describing 47% of voters as "victims" who will always vote for Obama.

Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu
By putting pressure on Obama over Israel and Iran, Netanyahu is helping Romney
By John Stoehr - 17 September 15:58

If Romney is elected, war in the Middle East could be on the horizon.

The mother of Mohamed Bouazizi, who self-immolated in 2010, holds up his picture
The political psychology of self-immolation
By Costica Bradatan - 17 September 10:51

A simple act of protest that can take on mythical proportions.

Bahraini protestors clash with riot police in Manema
The inexorable rise of the PR men
By Alan White - 17 September 9:03

With firms like Bell Pottinger working for foreign governments, we must now question everything more, not less.

George W. Bush and 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.
The 2012 US election is Bush-Kerry in reverse
By Jonn Elledge - 14 September 13:43

Like the Democrats in 2004, the Republicans have over-estimated their instinctive appeal to voters.

In Aleppo, death comes from above and there's no knowing where it will fall
By Toby Muse - 14 September 10:29

Toby Muse reports on the horrors caused by the constant shelling he experienced in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

A protestor runs with a canister of tear gas near the US embassy in Cairo
The anti-Islam film and violence in Egypt - reaction from Cairo
By Lucy Provan - 13 September 15:50

"It’s anger at the police. The film is a spark that caused the flame."

Mark Rutte
The Dutch opt for centre-right reliability over populism
By Olaf Cramme - 13 September 12:46

Like elsewhere in Europe, the leftist camp in the Netherlands is struggling to grow.

Barack Obama
Obama’s foreign policy: am I my brother’s keeper?
By Femi Alese - 11 September 16:33

Paradoxically, US foreign policy has always been focused on neighbourly expansion of territory without the pursuance of global hegemony.

Opposition activists protest against the alleged mass electoral fraud
Is Vladimir Putin's adolescent Russia ever going to grow up?
By James Rodgers - 11 September 12:32

It's now 21 years since the end of the Soviet Union, but Russia's politics are still strikingly teenage in nature.

Mitt Romney
How the fighting talk fizzled from Mitt Romney's Republican Party
By Nicky Woolf - 11 September 8:41

The GOP has allowed the Democrats to seize their ideological heartland - patriotism and defence.

Obama's re-election looks an ever-safer bet
By George Eaton - 10 September 10:00

US president opens up a five-point lead over Romney in latest national poll.

Douglas Alexander's Democratic Convention diary
By Douglas Alexander - 07 September 17:05

On stage, Obama spoke truth from power - the essential task of a political leader.

Romney is exaggerating his foreign policy differences with Obama
By David Milne - 07 September 15:24

On foreign policy, the Republican candidate and the US President share a method and a worldview.

Is this a turning point for Pakistan's blasphemy laws?
By Catriona Luke - 07 September 12:49

The case of Rimsha Masih could be a watershed moment in the struggle for religious toleration.

Quote of the day
By New Statesman - 07 September 7:17

Barack Obama on Mitt Romney's Olympics gaffe.

Romney is running out of time to turn the US election around
By Tom Mludzinski - 06 September 14:27

The Republican candidate didn't get the poll bounce he needed from his party's convention.