Barack Obama
Obama’s foreign policy: am I my brother’s keeper?
By Femi Alese - 11 September 16:33

Paradoxically, US foreign policy has always been focused on neighbourly expansion of territory without the pursuance of global hegemony.

Opposition activists protest against the alleged mass electoral fraud
Is Vladimir Putin's adolescent Russia ever going to grow up?
By James Rodgers - 11 September 12:32

It's now 21 years since the end of the Soviet Union, but Russia's politics are still strikingly teenage in nature.

Mitt Romney
How the fighting talk fizzled from Mitt Romney's Republican Party
By Nicky Woolf - 11 September 8:41

The GOP has allowed the Democrats to seize their ideological heartland - patriotism and defence.

Obama's re-election looks an ever-safer bet
By George Eaton - 10 September 10:00

US president opens up a five-point lead over Romney in latest national poll.

Douglas Alexander's Democratic Convention diary
By Douglas Alexander - 07 September 17:05

On stage, Obama spoke truth from power - the essential task of a political leader.

Romney is exaggerating his foreign policy differences with Obama
By David Milne - 07 September 15:24

On foreign policy, the Republican candidate and the US President share a method and a worldview.

Is this a turning point for Pakistan's blasphemy laws?
By Catriona Luke - 07 September 12:49

The case of Rimsha Masih could be a watershed moment in the struggle for religious toleration.

Quote of the day
By New Statesman - 07 September 7:17

Barack Obama on Mitt Romney's Olympics gaffe.

Romney is running out of time to turn the US election around
By Tom Mludzinski - 06 September 14:27

The Republican candidate didn't get the poll bounce he needed from his party's convention.

The picket line at the Marikana mine
Marikana is a reminder of the apartheid years
By Denis MacShane - 06 September 8:39

South Africa is riddled with corruption and clientelism but it is not a dictatorship.

Libyans wave their new national flag as they celebrate Gaddafi's cap
Liberalism’s old world order
By John Pilger - 06 September 6:34

What is the impeccable logic of the liberal way to run the world? “Improve” your form, the west tells the peoples of the world, or we’ll kill you.

Quote of the day
By New Statesman - 05 September 7:18

Michelle Obama on what she's learned from her husband's presidency.

Barack Obama on the phone.
Barack Obama has the stoner vote totally sewn up
By Alex Hern - 04 September 17:58

"It's Barack. We need you"

Nicki Minaj "endorses" Mitt Romney
By Alex Hern - 04 September 15:05

"You lazy bitches is fucking up the economy"

President Morsi shakes hands with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao
Pragmatism will rule President Morsi's new foreign policy in Egypt
By David Wearing - 04 September 9:10

The current threat to western power is not from the Muslim Brotherhood but from ongoing revolutionary dynamics in Egypt.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Tony Blair v Desmond Tutu: who has more moral authority?
By Nelson Jones - 03 September 15:46

According to Tutu, Blair has forfeited his right to pose as an exemplar of leadership.

Quote of the day
By New Statesman - 03 September 7:12

Joe Biden on Mitt Romney.

New Statesman
Darayya: Fear translated
By Tam Hussein - 01 September 9:05

There is a perverse logic behind the Syrian regime’s measures.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Morsi in Tehran: strategic realignment or a safe pair of hands?
By Dan Glazebrook - 31 August 17:13

For now, Egypt’s financial stability depends on keeping the US and Saudi Arabia happy.

Striking Lonmin mine workers
Marikana massacre: charging miners with murder
By Martin Plaut - 31 August 15:21

Supreme irony that the ANC should deploy the very laws that sent their comrades to the gallows.

Apple: reporting on drone warfare is "objectionable and crude"
By Alex Hern - 31 August 9:16

The company has blocked "Drones+" from its app store.

Video: Clint Eastwood interviews an empty chair at the RNC
By Alex Hern - 31 August 7:34

The man with no name interviews the guest with no body.

Ed Miliband meeting Barack Obama in 2011
Shadow cabinet fact-finding missions across the pond
By Rafael Behr - 30 August 16:51

Recess has allowed a few key figures the chance to attend the US conventions.

Quote of the day
By New Statesman - 30 August 7:30

Paul Ryan on Romney and the Olympics.

As Chimerica dissolves, distrust deepens between China and the US
By Mark Leonard - 29 August 15:33

The atmosphere between Washington and Beijing has soured, with mutual recriminations rising over the South China Sea, trade and human rights.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan arrive at a campaign rally in Powell, Ohio
The political impossibility of the Ryan-Romney budget
By Andrew Polsky - 29 August 14:23

You are better off believing in the tooth fairy than the Republican pair's economic strategy.

Inside Chechnya: Putin's reign of terror
By Oliver Bullough - 29 August 13:53

A population that lives in fear of state violence, and a 99 per cent election tally that could have come from the Soviet era - welcome to Putin's Russia.

Ali Ferzat
Ali Ferzat: the satirist who defied Assad
By Rachel Halliburton - 29 August 13:45

In August 2011, Syrian government thugs came for Ali Ferzat, the cartoonist who had dared to oppose Bashar al-Assad. They broke his hands and left him for dead - but he wasn't going to go quietly.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and wife Ann.
Quote of the day
By New Statesman - 29 August 7:21

Ann Romney on women.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Desmond Tutu refuses to share a platform with Tony Blair
By Caroline Crampton - 28 August 15:21

The Archbishop withdraws from event, citing Blair's support for the war in Iraq as "morally indefensible".