Would you swim in China's rivers?
By Sam Geall - 24 June 12:15

A burgeoning popular interest in China's ecological problems has led to citizens trying to win greater oversight of environmental decision-making.

Can Mamphela Ramphele crack South Africa’s political mould?
By Martin Plaut - 22 June 11:41

Coming in from the political cold will be no easy task.

Will Edward Snowden be given a fair hearing?
By Michael Bochenek - 22 June 11:18

Far from committing an act of treason, as several top US lawmakers have suggested, by all appearances the NSA whistleblower has done a public service.

A demonstrator against Pussy Riot's prison sentence in London, 2012.
Laurie Penny on Pussy Riot: "People fear us because we're feminists"
By Laurie Penny - 22 June 10:12

A meeting the Russian punk-protest group.

Why gender equality must be at the centre of international development
By Bill Cash - 21 June 12:43

My bill would recognise the primary role of women in water and sanitation projects.

How Cameron failed developing countries at the G8
By Ivan Lewis - 20 June 12:31

From the beginning, the Prime Minister repeatedly failed to show the leadership on tax avoidance and transparency this summit needed.

Israelis look at the nearby Syrian village of Jebata al-Khashabn
Israel’s dilemma as the war intensifies
By Uri Dromi - 20 June 11:14

If Assad is removed, who will succeed him? Even if there is a viable successor, it is likely that the bloodshed will continue, with infighting between rebel groups and lots of scoresettling.

Why Britain can't afford to fall behind in the race for soft power
By John Holden - 19 June 10:46

The west must maintain its financial support for culture and cultural diplomacy. If it fails to do so, China’s gain in global influence and trade will be our loss.

Cameron's political isolation on Syria grows
By George Eaton - 17 June 8:59

Labour, the Lib Dems, two-thirds of Tory MPs and, now, Boris Johnson are all opposed to arming the rebels. This is an argument Cameron cannot win.

A CCTV camera watches over festive Christmas lights
Laurie Penny on psychology: if you live in a surveillance state for long enough, you create a censor in your head
By Laurie Penny - 17 June 8:18

There is a significant psychological price to being constantly aware of the variety of ways in which your activity might be tracked.

We need to eat less meat - and the G8 should say so
By Kerry McCarthy - 14 June 16:24

Instead of feeding starving humans, we funnel huge amounts of crops through the animals we use for food. G8 leaders must call for change at next week's summit.

The US is about to arm the Syrian rebels - it's decision time for Cameron
By George Eaton - 14 June 9:10

The decision by the Obama administration to provide lethal aid means that the Prime Minister can no longer remain on the fence.

New Statesman
Leader: No one wants to take charge in the “G-Zero” world
By New Statesman - 13 June 10:54

The need for global leadership has never been greater but ever fewer are prepared or in a position to provide it. After a decade of war, the United States is in retreat, preoccupied with domestic battles over debt, the economy and immigration.

Barack Obama and George W Bush
On wiretaps and drone strikes, it’s time for liberals to accept that Obama is worse than Bush
By Mehdi Hasan - 13 June 10:37

On questions of “US national security”, from wiretaps to Gitmo to drone strikes, Barack Obama has shown his thinking is even less unenlightened than that of the junior Bush. And liberals everywhere better accept that.

Answers to war
By Juan Manuel Santos - 13 June 9:40

We have been fighting the war on drugs for 40 years at great cost. Yet sometimes we all feel that we have been aimlessly pedalling a stationary bicycle. You look to your right, you look to your left, and yet you always see the same landscape – demand for

Can the Iranian regime survive yet more political cannibalism?
By Trita Parsi - 13 June 8:13

The upcoming elections in Iran will be neither free nor fair, says Trita Parsi, but people are still willing to consider voting to challenge the establishment.

From G8 to G20 to G-Zero: Why no one wants to take charge in the new global order
By Ian Bremmer - 11 June 8:00

There are three big unfolding geopolitical stories: China’s rise, Middle East turmoil and the redesign of Europe. The three countries with most to lose from these trends are Britain, Japan and Israel. This is not a G7, G8 or a G20 world. This is the era o

Mandela in Randfontein, South Africa, November 1993, Getty Images
Mandela's power has come: The ANC's challenges in government
By Sarah Baxter - 10 June 16:50

While the ANC has spent years bravely resisting apartheid, it has no experience of government. Sarah Baxter assesses the problems facing Nelson Mandela in power.

My brush with Bilderberg
By Nelson Jones - 10 June 16:01

Claims of global conspiracy seem far-fetched but Bilderberg does represent an immense networking and lobbying opportunity, says Nelson Jones. The concerns of rabble-rousing Texan radio host Alex Jones may be risible but those of Labour MP Michael Meacher

Syrian army soldiers assess a damaged street in the town of Qusayr
Why does the left find it so difficult to take a position on Syria?
By Assed Baig - 10 June 15:30

It is now the responsibility of the left to support the Syrian people, but be critical friends, remaining true to their principles.

David Cameron has two weeks to save the world
By Richard Darlington - 08 June 8:13

At three big international summits being held in the UK over the next fortnight, nothing less than the fate of the world’s poorest people is at stake.

The real winners from today's hunger summit
By Christine Haigh - 07 June 17:30

The real causes of hunger are inequality of wealth and power, not a lack of big business. So the G8 leaders should abandon their efforts to promote the corporate takeover of African agriculture, and instead support the demands of the African farmers’ grou

The PRISM logo.
The NSA's data tapping: America through the PRISM
By Nicky Woolf - 07 June 15:04

The <em>Guardian</em>'s stories of the last two days are the highest-level US leaks since the Pentagon Papers.

Will Obama be remembered as the Snooper President?
By Nicky Woolf - 06 June 14:19

The President is caught riding rough-shod over privacy for the second time in a month.

The Democracy Project by David Graeber: The textual life of Occupy lives on
By Laurie Penny - 06 June 11:22

A lot of bad books have been written about Occupy, too, and what saves this from being one of them is its perspective.

An anti-government protester waves Turkey's national flag
People have killed their fear of authority - and the protests are growing
By Ece Temelkuran - 03 June 11:53

What began in an Istanbul park has tapped in to years of grievances.

Murky forces are at work in Istanbul
By Julian Sayarer - 01 June 13:44

Protests and police brutality.

Syria and the Middle East: should we really take military action off the table?
By Nick Tyrone - 31 May 12:21

We shouldn't allow the experience of Iraq to prejudice us against intervention in every other case.

Obama and Christie at their joint press conference on the Jersey Shore
Beware the undertow on the Jersey Shore
By Nicky Woolf - 30 May 9:15

Governor Chris Christie's cosy relationship with Obama could turn and bite him in the Primaries.