New Statesman
Missouri priest's homophobic speech has a surprisingly heartwarming twist
By Alex Hern - 20 October 10:17

Saying more than that would give the game away...

Great Hall of the People
Deep internal divisions ahead of China’s leadership change
By Alex Ward - 18 October 16:10

A split between the "Red Princelings" and party technocrats threatens to derail the smooth leadership transition.

Quote of the Day
By New Statesman - 18 October 7:31

Bruce Springsteen on Barack Obama.

In football, as in politics, Serbia still doesn't get it
By Denis MacShane - 17 October 16:27

Despite all the wars, bloodshed, victims, and hate, the country still can't come to terms with modernity.

Ai Weiwei.
To move on from oppression, China must recognise itself
By Ai Weiwei - 17 October 14:33

Ai Weiwei's leader for his momentous guest edit.

New Statesman
The virus of censorship
By Cheng Yizhong - 17 October 13:32

Chinese media organizations are riddled with informers who report directly to the government – only a minority of journalists are brave enough to fight the system.

New Statesman
China’s Paid Trolls: Meet the 50-Cent Party
By Ai Weiwei - 17 October 12:46

The Chinese government hires people to distort or deflect conversations on the web. Ai Weiwei persuades an “online commentator” to tell all.

Chen Guangcheng photographed in New York
Chen Guangcheng: “Facts have blood as evidence”
By Ai Weiwei - 17 October 12:18

Chen Guangcheng was forced to flee China in May after years of persecution. His advocacy on behalf of women and the poor in the face of China’s one-child policy has made him an enemy of the state.

Barack Obama debates Mitt Romney in last night's second US presidential debate.
Quote of the Day
By New Statesman - 17 October 7:28

Barack Obama on his pension.

New Statesman
What it's like to be Drudged
By Adam Taylor - 16 October 14:23

Adam Taylor got a month's readers in a day thanks to a link from the Drudge Report. But, he wonders, is the Conservative icon's power waning?

This debate is about the real track record
By Heather Boushey - 16 October 10:07

The second presidential debate will focus on the economics of the middle classes, writes CAP's Heather Boushey.

Sailors aboard the Chinese Navy destroyer Qingdao
Beware the Chinese Sea-Dragon
By Alex Ward - 15 October 17:46

Chinese bellicosity in the near seas could usher in a new era of instability.

A new America gives Obama hope
By Nick Pecorelli - 12 October 16:02

US voters are more socially liberal and increasingly concerned with "fairness", rather than simply "freedom".

The Nobel decision was a brave defence of the European project
By William Brett - 12 October 14:59

The Peace Prize was a reminder that the EU has been a force for good and remains a bulwark against further suffering.

These labourers provide a cheap supply of ready manpower
Cheap, and far from free: The migrant army building Britain
By Sorana Stanescu - 11 October 12:29

Revealed: how job restrictions have left Romanian and Bulgarian construction workers underpaid and vulnerable to exploitation.

Kofi Annan.
Kofi Annan has nothing to apologise for
By Jonathan Powell - 11 October 8:05

There is a big problem with the United Nations, says Jonathan Powell.

Angela Merkel in Athens: The bitter after-taste
By Yiannis Baboulias - 10 October 9:04

As protestors chanted anti-austerity slogans and clashed with riot police, the German Chancellor did nothing but look after her own electoral interests.

As a white student sues a university for alleged racial discrimination, is this the end of affirmative action?
By Lola Adesioye - 09 October 12:15

An educational system that has historically been set up to reinforce inequalities will take a lot of work to dismantle, says Lola Adesioye.

Hugo Chávez wins re-election in Venezuela
By Alex Hern - 08 October 8:49

Count stands at 54.4 per cent to 44.9 per cent with 90 per cent of votes in.

Republican congressman: evolution is "lies straight from the pit of hell"
By Alex Hern - 08 October 7:31

Paul Broun, once a medical doctor, now a creationist congressman.

The most important question not asked at the presidential debate
By Alex Hern - 05 October 10:09

"Mr President, if they say 'cut back', will you say 'fight back'?"

Romney’s new weapon against the commander-in-chief
By Nicholas Wapshott - 04 October 7:58

With Barack Obama enjoying a healthy lead in both the national polls and, more crucially, the marginal battleground states, Mitt Romney’s campaign believes it has at last found a way to turn the Democratic tide.

US presidential debate liveblog
By Nicky Woolf - 03 October 17:10

Our US blogger Nicky Woolf will be live-blogging the Presidential debate, which starts at 2am UK time. Come back then to join in.

Tumblring the presidential debates
By Alex Hern - 03 October 16:00

A gifessay.

Obama and Romney on a T-shirt
The US Presidential Debate Domestic Policy Drinking Game
By Nicky Woolf - 03 October 15:38

A fun way to enjoy the first presidential debate.

Should liberals vote for Obama?
By John Stoehr - 02 October 16:08

We need a liberalism that engages as well as spectates - without power, there is no change.

New Statesman
How G4S helps Israel break the Geneva convention
By Lisa Nandy - 30 September 9:48

Lisa Nandy calls for the government to take action over G4S' participation in illegal imprisonment.