Andrew Adonis
Beyond our Berlin Wall
By Andrew Adonis - 13 September 7:17

The way to pull down social barriers in England is through reforming education — encouraging private schools to become more involved in the state sector by backing academies. That could also spread excellence.

Leader: Andrew Adonis’s vision for a fair and free education for all
By New Statesman - 12 September 15:01

How Labour can erode the private-state divide.

Michael Gove with new education minister David Laws.
Michael Gove does not own the GCSE brand, but we do
By Leighton Andrews - 11 September 15:20

We are now seeing a dismantling of the three-country system for public examinations.

Finishing off the job on Britain's schools
By Anthony Seldon - 05 September 12:40

Education, Education, Education: Reforming England’s Schools - review.

An open letter to Michael Gove from an English teacher on a dark day for education
By Chris Edwards - 04 September 9:50

Young people who worked hard have been let down by ministers who will only ever see them as statistics.

Local school children taking part in football coaching at Staines FC
Inspiration in schools beyond the Great Grade Grab
By John Butterfield - 24 August 11:28

A teacher outlines the practical difficulties of improving sport in schools.

On "The Queer Art of Failure"
By Juliet Jacques - 24 August 11:03

Non-conformist queer perspectives offer radical alternatives to notions of "success".

Michael Gove
Michael Gove and the lack of transparency over playing field sales
By Caroline Crampton - 17 August 9:42

Yet more drama on, or rather about, the playing fields of the UK’s schools.

A Level students jumping for joy
A Level results and leaping Home Counties teenagers
By Steven Baxter - 16 August 11:52

It's a comforting newspaper staple, but surely all a bit old hat now?

For-profit schools would not raise standards
By Rick Muir - 07 August 13:31

There is no significant evidence for the benefits of competition in education.

Girls playing lacrosse - a very middle class thing to do at school
The two types of Guardian journalism about where to send your kids to school
By Andrew Old - 01 August 10:28

The left-leaning middle class struggle to accept fundamental truths about the state of our education system.

Don't delude yourself about why you're sending your children to private school
By Dorian Lynskey - 24 July 15:17

Janet Murray's article tries to suggest that liberal beliefs are a naive fairy tale which collapse on impact with the brutal truth.

Why didn't Mumsnet get a response on sex education?
Mumsnet vs the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child on sex education
By Sarah Ditum - 20 July 13:05

What is it about the SPUC that makes it more worthy of ministerial attention than the Mumsnetters?

A Cambridge student
Critical faculty
By John Sutherland - 18 July 16:59

Has change has been good for university English studies?

We need to talk about genitals
By Alice Hoyle - 16 July 12:29

You can't teach sex education without using the proper words, although schools minister Nick Gibb seems to think otherwise.

Military schools are a terrible idea. Discipline is no substitute for education
By Willard Foxton - 10 July 18:01

As the recipient of a military education, Willard Foxton is well placed to say why Labour's latest policy is a bad idea.

Year 10 pupils at Burlington Danes Academy in West London
Education is a public good, not a consumer good
By Martin Johnson - 05 July 12:14

Accepting market solutions for school improvement is the wrong way to go.

The American revolution in English schools
By Trevor Fisher - 29 June 16:29

The belief in school autonomy appears to be a myth.

How on earth will we create the next Steve Jobs?
By Stephen Twigg and Dan Jarvis - 29 June 16:05

Matching demand in the education system.

Magdalen College School from the air.
"You don’t raise school standards by skewing them"
By Alan White - 28 June 11:55

Tim Hands, Master of Magdalen College School in Oxford, slams Michael Gove’s plans for education reform.

Gove's reputation is built on a myth
By Jonn Elledge - 28 June 10:53

Why the Education Secretary isn't the saviour of England's schools.

Students sit exams in Glasgow
Will Gove's new O-Levels teach you anything useful?
By Caroline Crampton - 21 June 12:37

O-Level and GCSE Maths papers compared.

Gove's plan to scrap GCSEs will put a cap on ambition
By Conor Ryan - 21 June 11:33

The Education Secretary's "rigorous" approach could undermine a wider drive to raise standards for all.

Gove opens a new front in his education revolution
By George Eaton - 21 June 9:25

GCSEs to be scrapped but will a two-tier system improve standards?

New Statesman
How Big Pharma keeps you calmer
By Will Self - 20 June 14:56

The etymological wizardry of our drugs.

A child interacts with a robot at the Science Museum
The despair of the dissenting government expert
By Michael Brooks - 15 June 12:10

A depressing day out spent talking science at the Department for Education

Katie Price.
Katie Price to found free school for special needs children
By Samira Shackle - 05 June 10:12

The former glamour model will work with other local parents to open a school for the visually impaired.

Pearson buys GlobalEnglish for $90m
By New Statesman - 25 May 14:49

As the rise of English as the language of global business continues, Pearson expands its stake in th

UK education reforms are "a shambles", says new report
By New Statesman - 18 May 11:48

The Intergenerational Foundation argues that higher tuition fees could add £2.2bn to the UK social s

Education – Labour’s next Clause 4?
Education – Labour’s next Clause 4?
By John Whitting QC - 14 May 14:39

The left needs a new education strategy.