The fall in student applications could devastate the UK’s creative economy
By Simon Ofield-Kerr - 30 January 8:42

The changes to student finance, the promotion of STEM subjects through the EBacc and visa issues for international students are all discouraging potential students from realising their talents by following a creative arts degree.

Stop blaming state school pupils for their lack of 'confidence'
By Glosswitch - 20 January 9:22

It’s easy to claim richer students are more confident because of their superior education, but it may be more accurate to say they’re more confident because they’re rich.

Children are often far better at dealing with transness than adults
How a trans teacher showed adults have more hang-ups about gender than primary school kids
By Jane Fae - 14 January 9:36

Writing for NS Trans Issues Week, Jane Fae explains why the "think of the children" reaction to transness is just a technique for concealing overt prejudice.

Illustration by Melinda Gebbie.
The Goebbels of the English language
By Alan Moore - 19 December 7:10

We cannot state conclusively that anything is true.

B is for bad grammar.
Grammar and spelling pedants: this is why you're wrong
By Martha Gill - 18 December 13:39

Martha Gill's "Irrational Animals" column.

Labour must reject Gove's approach in its entirety
By Roger Titcombe - 04 December 13:57

False claims for the success of academies have been swallowed whole by an uncritical media.

Michael Gove.
Why is Whirlwind Gove acting so fast?
By David Harris - 03 December 12:20

By dismantling educational infrastructure at such a speed, Gove is ensuring that his successors as Education Secretary will struggle to reverse what he's done.

New Statesman
How knowledge makes you stupid
By Martha Gill - 29 November 6:59

Martha Gill's Irrational Animals column.

Scary maths
Teaching kids to fear maths will harm Britain's chances in the global economy
By Michael Brooks - 22 November 11:38

The prospect of learning maths scares us, but actually doing the proper stuff is rather enjoyable.

New Statesman
Opposing misbegotten government policies and philosophies on universities
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 22 November 5:51

The concept of the university as a home for disinterested pursuit of scholarship has been under attack for almost 30 years.

A new comprehensive vision for education
By Neal Lawson - 19 November 11:02

The three parties are united behind a failed education consensus. We need a new system that promotes cooperation, not competition.

James Dyson would like us all to get rich by inventing vacuum cleaners
Vacuum cleaners vs French lesbian poetry: The eternal battle
By Glosswitch - 17 November 11:26

James Dyson is dead wrong - studying things like "French lesbian poetry” can make people's lives better, even if they don't suck dirt up off carpets.

Girls at the Lamwo Kuc Ki Gen High School, northern Uganda
The learning curve
By Sophie McBain - 15 November 10:20

In 2016, commercial-scale oil production will begin in Uganda. But with only a quarter of all its children in secondary school, how can more of the people – especially girls – benefit from its new wealth?

Michael Gove's muddled thinking on teacher training
By George Eaton - 26 October 9:00

The Education Secretary plans to introduce tougher tests for trainee teachers, whilst allowing academies to hire unqualified teachers.

The profit motive won’t improve our schools
By Jonathan Clifton - 18 October 13:08

There is no evidence that commercial companies would improve results.

New Statesman
Labour isn’t working
By Li Fangping - 18 October 8:07

The re-education through labour system (known in Chinese as laojiao) is a form of punishment with “Chinese characteristics”. It can be handed down without a trial or prosecution and defence.

New Statesman
Tuition fees make students obsess about "value for money" from their education
By Steven Baxter - 15 October 9:46

As a second-time student who now pays the fees, Steven Baxter has noticed a change in his attitude to learning.

We can't afford to leave foreign students out in the cold
By Yo Zushi - 04 October 17:06

Especially all night, in queues.

Michael Gove
Word Games: Ebacc
By Sophie Elmhirst - 20 September 11:02

It lends itself to headlines, I suppose: “Ebacc to the future”, and so on. But there is nothing very beautiful about the new exam name. Not that exam names have much form. GCSEs were things of acronymic hideousness. O-levels didn’t have much to recommend them either, poetically speaking.

Michael Gove.
Poor marks for Gove-levels
By Rowenna Davis - 20 September 8:30

The education secretary believes some of our children are chaff and they must be separated from the wheat.

Michael Gove.
Fisking the Mail on Sunday's "Gove-Levels" story
By Adam Creen - 18 September 9:54

Adam Creen uncovers the inaccuracies in the paper's big education scoop.

Michael Gove poised to unveil sweeping GCSE reforms - which might never happen
By Helen Lewis - 16 September 12:12

Changes planned for 2015, according to the Mail on Sunday.

Language learning under the cosh. Photograph, Getty Images.
Why is the government ripping into language learning?
By Rowenna Davis - 13 September 17:58

It's culturally insulting that only classical and modern language GCSEs count towards Michael Gove’s new English Baccalaureate.

Andrew Adonis
Beyond our Berlin Wall
By Andrew Adonis - 13 September 7:17

The way to pull down social barriers in England is through reforming education — encouraging private schools to become more involved in the state sector by backing academies. That could also spread excellence.

Leader: Andrew Adonis’s vision for a fair and free education for all
By New Statesman - 12 September 15:01

How Labour can erode the private-state divide.

Michael Gove with new education minister David Laws.
Michael Gove does not own the GCSE brand, but we do
By Leighton Andrews - 11 September 15:20

We are now seeing a dismantling of the three-country system for public examinations.

Finishing off the job on Britain's schools
By Anthony Seldon - 05 September 12:40

Education, Education, Education: Reforming England’s Schools - review.

An open letter to Michael Gove from an English teacher on a dark day for education
By Chris Edwards - 04 September 9:50

Young people who worked hard have been let down by ministers who will only ever see them as statistics.

Local school children taking part in football coaching at Staines FC
Inspiration in schools beyond the Great Grade Grab
By John Butterfield - 24 August 11:28

A teacher outlines the practical difficulties of improving sport in schools.

On "The Queer Art of Failure"
By Juliet Jacques - 24 August 11:03

Non-conformist queer perspectives offer radical alternatives to notions of "success".