In defence of boarding school
By Fred Wienand - 27 September 15:00

Is boarding school really a form of abuse, as some have claimed? Fred Wienand argues that our view of schooling away from home is stuck in the 19th century.

New Statesman
The only good parent is a wealthy one
By Glosswitch - 19 September 14:14

Increasingly, just as poverty itself is linked to ignorance or moral failings, poor parenting is associated with being poor.

Students graduating.
Adding up the hidden costs of university
By Jon Manning - 17 September 11:00

The debate around affordable higher education usually revolves around tuition fees - but there are far greater costs to going to university.

School's not out anymore: will raising the school leaving age change anything?
By Jonn Elledge - 05 September 15:52

The increase in the leaving age this year will be hard to deliver. The next one, due in 2015, will be damned near impossible. And what are politicians doing about it? Very little, says Jonn Elledge.

John Betjeman at Somerset House in 1975.
This is the age of educational anxiety
By Ed Smith - 30 August 13:36

But good grades don’t always make great workers.

All schools must thrive
By Rafael Behr - 30 August 7:03

Rafael Behr sets out the dividing lines on education.

A maths teacher writes on a whiteboard
Why isn't the Government’s School Direct scheme attracting enough schools?
By Steven Baxter - 01 August 12:09

In principle, it's a good idea, but the Government’s School Direct scheme isn’t attracting enough schools. Are we heading for a shortage of teachers?

New Statesman
Summer is here, with its insufferable rich people and A-level results
By Nicholas Lezard - 25 July 9:35

Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out" column.

The New College of the Humanities: Would you pay double university fees for a better education?
By Tabatha Leggett - 25 June 10:38

Tabatha Leggett visits A C Grayling's elite start-up, where the first intake of students are getting to grips with life at a private university.

People sitting in front of laptops, some looking at the screen, others not.
Attention! by Joshua Cohen: "Since using the computer, since using the internet, it’s as if my mind itself has evanesced"
By Jon Day - 15 June 12:00

In our hypermediated world, where we choose to bestow our attention has become a matter of commercial interest. Joshua Cohen, an American novelist and critic, has drawn up a history of attention in short, attention-grabbing episodes, from the dawn of writ

New Statesman
I owe everything I know about Shakespeare to Baz Lurhmann
By Agatha Elliott - 13 June 14:34

I’m only seventeen. The continued popularity of Shakespearean adaptations is a great thing for young people.

Laurie Penny on The Eton Scholarship Question: this is how the British elite are trained to think
By Laurie Penny - 24 May 15:52

As one of the school’s scholarship exam questions shows, young boys are encouraged to think that humanity, compassion, even sense are secondary to winning. This is how we’ve ended up with politicians who will enact any policy, no matter the human cost, ju

The Mr Men game
By Richard J Evans - 23 May 14:44

Richard J Evans challenges Michael Gove’s history agenda.

New Statesman
Eton eternal: How one school came to dominate public life
By Jason Cowley - 08 May 14:41

New Statesman editor Jason Cowley speaks to Anthony Little, headmaster of Eton College, about the role of public schools, the new crop of Etonians ruling public life and Gove's education reforms.

Michael Gove wants longer school days because . . . reasons
By Glosswitch - 20 April 9:18

Teachers must wish Michael Gove worked shorter days and took longer holidays - then his department might stop coming up with so many ill-considered changes to the education system.

Not everyone who disagrees with Gove is a "wrecker" or an "enemy of promise"
By Jonn Elledge - 25 March 13:28

The Education Secretary’s combative methods are going to result in bad policy. His them-and-us style is alienating the middle ground and polarising the debate.

Young women hiking on the Chiltern Hills
You don't have to wear tweed and cry "tally-ho" to enjoy the outdoors
By Aisha Gani - 14 March 18:51

Young women from BME backgrounds are discovering that there's more to hiking than the white middle class stereotype.

An empty lecture theatre at the Sorbonne.
Celebrity professors, online lectures and employability classes
By Philip Maughan - 11 March 16:24

Sir Michael Barber’s “revolution” in higher education.

The parents, the politician and the carpet bagger
By Harvey Woolfe - 31 January 11:47

Academi£s and Lies: A Story about Forced Academisation.

Kenneth Baker’s history lesson
By George Eaton - 31 January 6:22

The former Conservative Education Secretary is sceptical about Michael Gove's free schools.

David Cameron visiting a London Early Years Foundation nursery
Fewer people with more qualifications can’t make childcare better
By Glosswitch - 30 January 11:02

Childcare qualifications are great, but they don’t help you look after more children at once, as the government seems to be hoping.

The fall in student applications could devastate the UK’s creative economy
By Simon Ofield-Kerr - 30 January 8:42

The changes to student finance, the promotion of STEM subjects through the EBacc and visa issues for international students are all discouraging potential students from realising their talents by following a creative arts degree.

Stop blaming state school pupils for their lack of 'confidence'
By Glosswitch - 20 January 9:22

It’s easy to claim richer students are more confident because of their superior education, but it may be more accurate to say they’re more confident because they’re rich.

Children are often far better at dealing with transness than adults
How a trans teacher showed adults have more hang-ups about gender than primary school kids
By Jane Fae - 14 January 9:36

Writing for NS Trans Issues Week, Jane Fae explains why the "think of the children" reaction to transness is just a technique for concealing overt prejudice.

Illustration by Melinda Gebbie.
The Goebbels of the English language
By Alan Moore - 19 December 7:10

We cannot state conclusively that anything is true.

B is for bad grammar.
Grammar and spelling pedants: this is why you're wrong
By Martha Gill - 18 December 13:39

Martha Gill's "Irrational Animals" column.

Labour must reject Gove's approach in its entirety
By Roger Titcombe - 04 December 13:57

False claims for the success of academies have been swallowed whole by an uncritical media.

Michael Gove.
Why is Whirlwind Gove acting so fast?
By David Harris - 03 December 12:20

By dismantling educational infrastructure at such a speed, Gove is ensuring that his successors as Education Secretary will struggle to reverse what he's done.