Master minds
By Michael Bywater - 28 November 12:00

What makes a genius? Certainly not going on a creativity course and learning to "think outside the b

The politics column - Jon Trickett on Labour's Tory white paper
By John Trickett - 28 November 12:00

For those who read the Tory manifesto earlier this year, there is more than a hint of deja vu about

Rory's week - Rory Bremner mourns a wise educationalist
By Rory Bremner - 21 November 12:00

Reality managed to outdo even Ted Wragg's attempts at parody, as when two government departments set

At last they have defied Blair
By Staff blogger - 14 November 12:00

Tony Blair gambled spectacularly and has lost spectacularly. He told his MPs it was their duty to follow his lead and they have defied him. A prime minister who emerged badly battered from the general election campaign is now in deep trouble.

A class act
By Francis Beckett - 31 October 12:00

Oranges and Lemons: life in an inner city primary school

Wendy Wallace <em>Routledge, 160pp, £12.9

Beethoven who?

The Battle of Ideas is a series of debates presented by the Institute of Ideas. One of the fiercest

The politics column - Martin Bright revisits the great education divide
By Martin Bright - 31 October 12:00

Downing Street is convinced the education reforms can be sold as progressive. The Prime Minister's a

Learning the wrong lessons
By Staff blogger - 31 October 12:00

For all the accusations of hubris, there is something lugubrious about Tony Blair's view of the human condition. The British people seem to have little sense of their place in the world beyond uncritical support for America.

Get a life!
By Ellie Levenson - 17 October 13:00

If you want to get ahead in politics, Ellie Levenson recommends some journalistic or medical trainin

Supplement Leader
By Lauren Booth - 17 October 13:00

So you want to make a difference to the world? You're bored of your books, fed up with politicians, and the only "party" you're interested in is at the union bar. Around a table of beers, you and your friends vow to do something.

Brewster Kahle
By Becky Hogge - 17 October 13:00

10 people - Becky Hogge on the egghead who hopes to create a permanent record of all human knowledge

The luck of the draw
By Peter Wilby - 10 October 13:00

Observations on school choice

Hugo Chavez - showing the US who's master
By Gerri Peev - 10 October 13:00

Venezuela's president is rarely seen by foreigners for what he is: one of the world's most popular a

Learning to grow on less
By Emma Lee-Potter - 03 October 13:00

Observations on education

Play that baby some Mozart!
By Mark Lythgoe - 03 October 13:00

The Barbican and Young Vic are devoting four months to the phenomenon of young genius. Mark Lythgoe

The limits of liberalism
By D J Taylor - 26 September 13:00

Faculty Towers: the academic novel and its discontents

Elaine Showalter <em>Oxford University Pres

The state should stop playing God
By Nick Cohen - 19 September 13:00

Our pious government wants faith-based bodies to run our schools and provide our welfare services, a

Katrina blows away Bush's defences
By Staff blogger - 12 September 13:00

It has been axiomatic in some polite circles, including those on the British centre left, to sing the praises of the American approach to enterprise and governance.

I was an Edexcel marker
By Tom Wall - 29 August 13:00

Observations on exams

The media column - Peter Wilby gives a science lesson
By Peter Wilby - 29 August 13:00

My advice to journalists is the same as that given to Woodward and Bernstein at the start of the Wat

Taught to hate
By Sulaiman Addonia - 15 August 13:00

Observations on madrasas

Not waving, but suing
By Victoria James - 08 August 13:00

Observations on symbols

NS Interview - Lord Falconer
By Mary Riddell - 01 August 13:00

Once parodied as Lord Dome, a crony who owed his status to Blair, he emerged as an audacious reforme

Games lessons get serious
By Iain Simons - 25 July 13:00

Soundbytes on education

A long, hot summer

End of term report: A turbulent year - Iraq, bombs, the election, leadership acrimony and much more

Beyond blame and shame: what we must do now
By Ziauddin Sardar - 25 July 13:00

Terror and the UK: Young Muslims have been totally marginalised by their "community leaders". Nothin

Grubby hands make good food
By Kim Wilde - 18 July 13:00

Food for thought: gardening

Please Sir, can I have some more?
By Bee Wilson - 18 July 13:00

From wholesome and nutritious food in the 1960s to the Turkey Twizzlers and fizzy drinks of today -

When is a school not a school?
By Francis Beckett - 18 July 13:00

Observations on wordplay

Beyond straight "A"s
By Susan Greenfield - 27 June 13:00

Exam-factory schools are churning out model students who can achieve faultless results - but lack an