Liz Kendall addresses a hustings. Photo: Getty Images
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Liz Kendall's the right choice for local government, for London, and for Labour

Eight council leaders from the capital explain why they're backing Liz Kendall to lead Labour back into power.

As leaders of Labour-run London councils, we know the difference that Labour makes to so many lives. That’s not just about what happens in Westminster – important though that is – but what happens at a local and regional level too.

That’s especially true in London. Labour councils in the capital have faced some of the toughest budget cuts at the hands of the Tories. Whilst we can – and do - achieve a great deal for our local areas in tough circumstances, we could do so much more with Labour in government nationally.

That’s why we’re backing Liz Kendall to take Labour forwards.

She offers a fresh start for the Labour Party, and understands not only the advantages but the necessity of shifting power away from the centre and into the hands of those who need it most. In recent years we have been forced to face some tough decisions, and we’ve had to take innovative action that works for the communities we seek to represent.

Liz Kendall understands the choices we’ve had to make. She understands that a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Too often the Labour leadership hasn’t trusted local councils – under Liz Kendall that won’t be the case.

We believe that Liz understands that decisions should be taken as close to people as possible. She understands that the future of the country isn’t about what happens in Whitehall, it’s about shifting power to town halls, and more importantly, to local communities – sharing power with those who have none, and using government, be it national or local, to help people help themselves and one another.

We share Liz’s desire to involve people in designing the public services they use; to give employees a stronger say in their workplaces; and to ensure that local businesses help shape the educational provision they need to create vibrant local economies.

Liz is no recent convert to devolution – over the past three years she has impressed us by her unstinting commitment to finding more local solutions for health and social care. This commitment to devolution goes further than health and social care - it’s at the heart of her plan for the Labour Party and the country.

We know that when Labour is led well – locally or nationally – it’s to the benefit of our country, our party and crucially our communities. But when Labour fails to connect with the people we seek to serve and lacks understanding of why people don’t give us their support, councillors are often the first to find out – and the first to lose their seats.

With Liz Kendall as Labour leader, the party can begin to regain the trust of the British people, putting power back in their hands and pushing power away from the centre and towards our the people themselves. And with a crucial London Mayoral contest next year, Labour can’t wait to start that process.

If Labour wants to begin the process of reconnecting with our communities – and those areas far beyond where the party needs to win to help us deliver for our communities – then Liz Kendall is the right choice.

For local government.

For London.

And for Labour.



Cllr Sarah Hayward, Leader, Camden Council

Cllr Julian Bell, Leader, Ealing Council

Steve Curran, Hounslow Council

Cllr Claire Kober, Leader, Haringey Council

Cllr Lib Peck, Leader, Lambeth Council

Mayor Steve Bullock, Lewisham Council

Cllr Stephen Alambritis, Leader, Merton Council

Cllr Peter John, Leader, Southwark Council


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Casting the Brexit movie that is definitely real and will totally happen

Details are yet unclear as to whether The Bad Boys of Brexit will be gracing our screens, or just Farage's vivid imagination.

Hollywood is planning to take on the farcical antics of Nigel Farage et al during the UK referendum, according to rumours (some suspect planted by a starstruck Brexiteer). 

Details are yet unclear as to whether The Bad Boys of Brexit will be gracing our big or small screens, a DVD, or just Farage's vivid imagination, but either way here are our picks for casting the Hollywood adaptation.

Nigel Farage: Jim Carrey

The 2018 return of Alan Partridge as "the voice of hard Brexit" makes Steve Coogan the obvious choice. Yet Carrey's portrayal of the laughable yet pure evil Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events makes him a serious contender for this role. 

Boris Johnson: Gerard Depardieu

Stick a blonde wig on him and the French acting royalty is almost the spitting image of our own European aristocrat. He has also evidently already mastered the look of pure shock necessary for the final scene of the movie - in which the Leave campaign is victorious.

Arron Banks: Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais not only resembles Ukip donor Arron Banks, but has a signature shifty face perfect for the scene where the other Brexiteers ask him what is the actual plan. 

Gerry Gunster: Anthony Lapaglia

The Bad Boys of Brexit will reportedly be told from the perspective of the US strategist turned Brexit referendum expert Gerry Gunster. Thanks to recurring roles in both the comedy stalwart Frasier, and the US crime drama Without a Trace, Anthony Lapaglia is versatile enough to do funny as well as serious, a perfect mix for a story that lurches from tragedy to farce. Also, they have the same cunning eyes.

Douglas Carswell: Mark Gatiss

The resemblance is uncanny.

David Cameron: Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott is widely known for his portrayal of Moriarty in Sherlock, where he indulges in elaborate, but nationally destructive strategy games. The actor also excels in a look of misplaced confidence that David Cameron wore all the way up to the referendum. Not to mention, his forehead is just as shiny. He'll have to drink a lot of Bollinger to gain that Cameron-esque puppy fat though. 

Kate Hoey: Judi Dench

Although this casting would ruin the image of the much beloved national treasure that is Judi Dench, if anyone can pull off being the face of Labour Leave, the incredible actress can.