The Returning Officer Croydon South

Lieutenant Commander Albert Sigismund Elwell-Sutton was the Liberal candidate for Croydon South in 1929. In the First World War, he was the captain of the HMS Caddisfly, which took part in operations in Iraq and also shelled Turkish positions in Gaza, including the Great Mosque (the Allies alleged it was being used as an ammunition dump). He was a
founder of the Association for Education in Citizenship, which argued for civics lessons to combat the rise of dictatorships.

In 1916, he wrote Humanity v Unhumanity: a Criticism of the German Idea in Its Political and Philosophical Development. One review noted: “To prove his case, [he] is inclined to slur over the human element in some of the best German writers of the past.”

This article first appeared in the 06 November 2014 issue of the New Statesman, Running out of Time

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The NS Podcast #112: Going Underground

Are women-only carriages the way forward?

This week, we explain why we're backing Tessa Jowell as Labour's candidate for London mayor, talk women-only carriages on the tube, and speak to Tom Shone about Woody Allen. (Caroline Crampton, Barbara Speed, John Elledge, Stephen Bush, George Eaton).

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