(The United Nations recommended that by October 1970 Gibraltar must cease being a colony. Franco takes this as a go ahead to take back Gibraltar. Troops and tanks concentrate in the Campo area. October 1970)
Gibraltar News | admin | 29 Apr 2014
In the second part of his photo essay, local historian Tito Vallejo explores the repercussions of the 1969 border closure
Gibraltar News | admin | 19 May 2014
Low cost, low hassle cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have the gaming world pricking up their ears, says KPMG’s Archie Watt. Here, he recaps a riveting discussion from Gibraltar’s most recent eGaming summit.
Next-door neighbours: the Spain-Gibraltar frontier was historically open to frequent cultural exchange
Gibraltar News | New Statesman | 21 Oct 2014
Spain's aggressive posture is a modern phenomenon
Catherine Cleverly
Gibraltar News | admin | 24 Mar 2014
Journalist Helen Wade reflects on her home territory and its relationship with the two countries that have been in dispute over the Rock’s sovereignty since the early 18th century
Chief Minister Fabian Picardo
Gibraltar News | Charlotte Simmonds | 30 Jun 2014
Gibraltar's current Chief Minister Fabian Picardo was elected on a campaign of change and claims to have brought radical reform to the Rock’s political framework. Charlotte Simmonds hears the backstory.
Festival goers enjoy cuisine at the Calentita food festival in Gibraltar (Photo: Leo Sayers)
Gibraltar News | admin | 04 Aug 2014
Justin Bautista, founder of culinary website Mama Lotties, shares the story behind the Rock’s special fusion of flavours
Image courtesy of EGR
Gibraltar News | Charlotte Simmonds | 14 Apr 2014
An interview with civil rights campaigner Felix Alvarez
A woman in Tokyo displays an "e-money" card and a portable kit to show its value (Getty)
Gibraltar News | New Statesman | 09 Sep 2014
Peter Howitt of the Gibraltar E-Money Association says “e-money” transactions have the power to disrupt traditional banking and even reduce economic exclusion


Gibraltar News | admin | 03 Jun 2014
The opportunity for an upmarket hotel in Gibraltar seemed too good to miss – so Sunborn floated an idea
Gaming on the Rock: a low level of complaints.
Gibraltar News | admin | 24 Mar 2014
Gibraltar has a low tax rate and is known as a centre for egaming - but don’t think that means you can set up a skeleton presence and make a quick Gibraltarian buck. Gambling Commissioner Philip Brear explains the rules.
Gibraltar News | admin | 21 Mar 2014
Sponsored post: “A shipful of visitors can mean a 10 per cent boost to the population” - Neil Costa MP
New Statesman
Gibraltar News | admin | 06 Mar 2014
Sponsored post: Gibraltar is an exciting British and European success story that shines out in an otherwise gloomy time of political and economic crisis. Peter Howitt.
Gibraltar News | admin | 18 Oct 2013
Sponsored post: Gibraltar has high employment, a strong economy running a surplus when everyhere else seems to be suffering, and is self-sufficient.
Rt. Hon. Fabian Picardo, Chief Minister of HM Government of Gibraltar.
Gibraltar News | admin | 18 Oct 2013
Sponsored post: Gibraltar’s location and its solid legislation make it well placed to be a centre for shipping, financial services and other industries. It has become a catalyst for the wider region.
The Rock: a stepping stone for business.
Gibraltar News | admin | 18 Oct 2013
Gibraltar: the Chief Minister’s story
Commerce on the Rock: a small territory but a big opportunity
Gibraltar News | admin | 18 Oct 2013
Sponsored post: Gibraltar has no natural resources, a negligible local market of 30,000 people and imports everything. If it has any resource at all, it is the trading nous of its business community.