US diplomat: "dubious" Cameron should be "ditched at the altar"

Tories' shady EU alliance causes further distancing by Washington

The excellent Will Straw has posted a crucial article on LabourList, highlighting the latest verdict from Washington on David Cameron's Tories, this time from David Rothkopf, the respected American diplomat and foreign policy expert.

Appalled at the British Conservatives' new connection to a man - Michal Kaminski - who has caused outrage in the European Jewish community for a long history of neo-Nazi anti-semitism, Rothkopf, the former Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade under Bill Clinton has said:

I used to think David Cameron was just an empty suit. But it is increasingly clear that the former PR guy, is a spin-ster who ought to be ditched at the altar both by the British people and by the Obama administration.

The decision of the Tories to be led in their new Euro group by Kaminski

makes him [Cameron] an even more dubious choice to be Britain's next prime minister than he was before and, should he attain that post, someone about whom the Obama administration ought to be very cautious. A pillar of leadership acumen he ain't.

Perhaps the part-time Tory spin doctor, and passionate Atlantacist Daniel Hannan will reflect. It is increasingly clear that President Obama does not want any kind of alliance with a man - Cameron - who he regards as a "lightweight".

James Macintyre is political correspondent for the New Statesman.
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