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Why can’t we just quit Twitter?

Twitter – commonly referred to as “the hellsite” – has the smallest userbase of the social media giants. With so few people using it, and so many complaints, why do we find it impossible to leave?

Why the filter bubble triumphed

The idea of “aesthetic tribalism” explains why it has become impossible to reach common ground. 


New Statesman magazine

The age of conspiracy

Why liberals keep misreading the present, by John Gray.

Plus: Helen Thompson on how Labour lost Scotland – and what it must do now, Rowan Williams on the migrant crisis, and Deborah Levy reflects on nationalism, Orwell and an old flame.

Europe's many migrant crises

Today's migrant crisis is often talked about as an anomaly. But high levels of displacement and mobility have long been routine and widespread in postwar Europe.



American Carnage

Gun deaths now seem factored-in to the discourse as acceptable losses. In this America, these shootings cannot be stopped.

How Joseph Roth saw Europe’s future

The Austrian novelist had a feel for the mood of the streets – and spotted the warning signs of the Second World War. 


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