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The birth of AI nationalism

The race to master artificial intelligence increasingly shapes rivalry between the great powers. 


New Statesman magazine

System failure

Jason Cowley meets Jeremy Hunt, Peter Wilby on the rise of Andrew Neil and Helen Lewis meets to Ian McEwan.

Plus: Rowan Williams, Jeremy Bowen and Howard Jacobson.

Tolkien’s first words

JRR Tolkien’s fictions grew out of a gift for language and a passion for male friendship, tempered by the horrors of the Western Front.



Michael Jackson’s hollow crown

In the decade since his death, the singer’s afterlife has been contested territory. But the revelations of a new film may dethrone the king of pop forever.


Media, Tech and Digital Culture


The rise and fall of British democracy

Trust in our politicians has never been lower. And the present crisis has fundamentally undermined parliament’s legitimacy and ability to function. Far-reaching reform is essential.