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Nick Clegg: the Facebook fixer

He quit Westminster after failing to realign British politics. Now the former Lib Dem leader has taken on an even bigger challenge at Facebook. Has he sold out – or can he really be the missing link between government and Big Tech?

The dark side of the moon

The 1969 moon landing has inspired countless films, books and TV shows – but on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the mission’s cultural legacy is shadowed with a darker hue.


New Statesman magazine

The Facebook fixer

How Nick Clegg became the most powerful British politician in the world – interview by Edward Docx.

Plus: Paul Mason’s manifesto for how the left should tackle climate change, and Erica Wagner on on the cultural legacy of Apollo 11.



How Joseph Roth saw Europe’s future

The Austrian novelist had a feel for the mood of the streets – and spotted the warning signs of the Second World War. 


Media, Tech and Digital Culture


Bitcoin and the money myth

In recent weeks, Facebook has created a new digital currency and the price of Bitcoin has fluctuated wildly. Has money itself always been an illusion?