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Heidegger, the homesick philosopher

Once discredited by his association with Nazism, Martin Heidegger is enjoying a posthumous revival. So what is it about his ideas that resonate with so many?


New Statesman magazine

Cameron’s legacy of chaos

A Tory Civil War. A divided country. Brexit without end, by Martin Fletcher.

Plus: Heather Cant on the north London school that formed her, and Samuel Earle on the German philosopher Martin Heidegger and his influence on the alt-right.

The man who broke Britain

Three years after leaving office, and in the midst of a deep political crisis, David Cameron is about to publish a book about his premiership. But can he justify his catastrophic legacy?



American Carnage

Gun deaths now seem factored-in to the discourse as acceptable losses. In this America, these shootings cannot be stopped.

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