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The break-up of a family firm

In the 1960s the Queen and Prince Philip employed PRs to transform the monarchy into a “royal family”. It was a disastrous error that turned royals into celebrities and opened the way for the Harry and Meghan debacle.

Why the left keeps losing

Boris Johnson won a remarkable victory by routing Labour in its old heartlands. But his dilemma is how to cement his alliance with the working class while the cultural establishment remains wedded to progressive values.  


New Statesman magazine

Power to the people

The rise of the new working-class Tories, by Simon Heffer and Stephen Bush.

Plus: Jeremy Cliffe on the fall of the Davos Man, Rachel Cooke on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and Rowan Williams on Oliver Cromwell

The Lisbon lament

Once a backward country in the grip of a grim dictatorship, Portugal has become a hot spot for tech migrants, surfers, foodies and yoga gurus, with a popular socialist prime minister.



Media, Tech and Digital Culture


Is India still a democracy?

Narendra Modi has bullied critics and suffocated the press into endorsing his Hindu-nationalist version of modern India. 

Death of a warlord

The US assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani has lit a tinderbox in the Middle East. Until wounded pride is replaced by sober strategy in Washington and Tehran, the world is braced for further conflict.