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Bust Britain - March 8
In this week’s magazine, Anoosh Chakelian reports on council bankruptcies and the crumbling British state, Andrew Marr deconstructs Rishi Sunak’s election-year paranoia, and John Gray on the rise of the new “narcotopias”. Elsewhere, Ameila Tait charts how Disney created an army of grown-up superfans, Robert Colls considers the devastating legacy of the miners’ strike, and Michael Sheen reflects on being criticised by Kemi Badenoch in this week’s Diary. Plus: Will Lloyd on London’s lost nightlife, Hannah Barnes on the Home Office’s cynical attempt to bury bad news, and Helen Macdonald on reintroducing wolves and boar back into the UK.

Fractured Nation - 23 February
In this week’s magazine, Anoosh Chakelian reports from Rochdale on a by-election that shows why Britain is more divided than ever, Bruno Maçães reflects on Alexei Navalny’s fatal devotion to the truth, and Andrew Marr asks whether Keir Starmer is the leader Britain needs. Elsewhere, John Gray argues that Europe is being remade in Nigel Farage’s image, Sarah Dawood meets Esther Ghey, and Rachel Clarke writes this week’s Diary.

The QE Theory of Everything - 1 March
In this week’s magazine, Will Dunn writes on the QE theory of everything: how a $30 trillion financial experiment dramatically reshaped our world, while Andrew Marr considers the Tories’ paranoid style, and Hannah Barnes speaks to UN special rapporteur Reem Alsalem about sex-based violence. Elsewhere, our writers reflect on the future of the conflict in Ukraine two years on from Russia’s invasion, Wolfgang Münchau says Ursula von der Leyen could be about to destroy the EU green agenda she created, and Anoosh Chakelian writes on what the fate of a beloved East End bagel shop tells us about the economy of cities.