Xan Rice is Features Editor at the New Statesman.

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16 April 2015
Trade secrets.
17 February 2015
Meet “Dave the Weather”.
World Affairs
22 December 2014
Ten years on.
World Affairs
17 December 2014
Bad news for Russian bear.
20 November 2014
Underground culture.
01 August 2011
The story of Somalia’s troubles can be read in the decay of its capital, Mogadishu. As the country is once more...
International Politics
12 May 2011
Front-line report
20 January 2011
In a bare primary school classroom on the site of an old military base, on the day before the great day in southern...
Human Rights
14 September 2010
King Mohammed VI of Morocco was visiting a hammam when a genie appeared.“I can offer you one wish," the...
09 August 2010
African al-Qaeda
International Politics
29 October 2009
The war in Congo
15 January 2009
On a small Atlantic island on the equator, in a lemon-coloured bungalow with a clear view over a tinfoil bay, lives the...
World Affairs
06 November 2008
Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: this picture could have come from 1994, when more than a million people fled over...
23 October 2008
Jungle pressed against narrow road as we drove north. Trucks carrying thick hardwood logs hurtled towards us. The only...