Mehdi Hasan is a contributing writer for the New Statesman and the co-author of Ed: The Milibands and the Making of a Labour Leader. He was the New Statesman's senior editor (politics) from 2009-12.

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Mehdi Hasan
21 March 2014
The dark heart of western foreign policy.
Mehdi Hasan
06 March 2014
Discussion of the gap between rich and poor has gone mainstream.
Mehdi Hasan
20 February 2014
From The Big Benefits Row to Benefits Street, everyone in the media seems to want to talk about welfare these days....
02 January 2014
Who’d have guessed that 2013 would be the year in which Aaron Sorkin would come to the rescue of Islam? To...
Mehdi Hasan
25 October 2013
A strategy for growth beyond the Square Mile.
Mehdi Hasan
12 September 2013
Forget the C-word. On Syria, it’s the D-word that has become unsayable. Yes, diplomacy. To call for a...
Mehdi Hasan
30 August 2013
He’s the favourite – the rest is noise.