Laurie Penny is a contributing editor to the New Statesman.

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Laurie Penny
14 April 2014
But death is the weirdest thing of all.
Laurie Penny
11 April 2014
The slippery slope of gender.
Laurie Penny
04 April 2014
From Vox to 538, white guys get feted as the future of journalism while everyone else gets attacked and dismissed.
Laurie Penny
25 March 2014
A fledgling neo-fascism that really isn’t funny.
Laurie Penny
08 March 2014
A bid for the votes of cultural conservatives.
Laurie Penny
10 February 2014
Preserving rape culture.
Laurie Penny
25 January 2014
Why patriarchy fears the scissors.
24 January 2014
Lib Dems: “killed by feminism”?