Helen Lewis is deputy editor of the New Statesman. She tweets @helenlewis

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Helen Lewis
15 April 2014
They just like to chat with friends.
Helen Lewis
09 April 2014
Voted against gay marriage.
Helen Lewis
24 February 2014
Thousands of people say they would.
Helen Lewis
20 February 2014
On intersectionality.
Music and Performance
13 February 2014
A good production, if occasionally overblown.
06 February 2014
Dissident Gardens Jonathan Lethem Jonathan Cape, 384pp, £18.99 By coincidence, I read Jonathan Lethem’...
08 January 2014
What do their stories tell us?
07 January 2014
Women talking to other women.
01 January 2014
David Cameron has delivered his New Year message, and with it a slogan we will no doubt be heartily sick of by February...
The Staggers
24 December 2013
After a jam-packed year - the New Statesman's centenary - the NS web team is taking a break for the next two days....
Helen Lewis
17 December 2013
The times we were wrong.
The Staggers
05 December 2013
The former South African leader has died, president Jacob Zuma has announced.