Andrew Marr is a broadcaster and journalist. Formerly the BBC’s Political Editor, he presents the Andrew Marr Show on BBC1 on Sundays and Start the Week on Monday mornings on Radio 4.

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23 March 2015
“None of the above!”
15 January 2015
I did it My Way. Don’t we all?
18 September 2014
Plus: the pleasures of getting fatter.
Cultural Capital
21 August 2014
Emotive productions.
Cultural Capital
30 April 2014
Painting themselves.
Cultural Capital
06 March 2014
The condition of Scotland.
31 January 2008
We agreed to disagree, God and I, more than 30 years ago. I concluded that He was a metaphor, He begged to differ, and...
05 June 2000
It is a great education for a hack to find himself on the wrong end of a story for once. The past fortnight of press...
20 December 1999
We are leaving the Conservative century. The next one will be the progressive century. Aside from the passing rows over...
Food and Drink
03 May 1999
Whatever happened to Hugh MacDiarmid? In the 1970s the irascible prophet of Scottish Leninism was a huge cultural...
05 March 1999
William Hague is a naturally good-humoured man - a robust digestive system, one imagines, strong constitution, good...
08 January 1999
Why is the left so nasty? Why are politicians brought up in a Labour movement that bangs on about brotherhood and...
27 November 1998
The Eurosceptics are right. It is time for a bare-knuckle fight about what we really believe; the kind of people we are...