Shadow chancellor could act shortly after he takes power.
Balls likely to hold early Budget if Labour win in 2015
By George Eaton - 23 December 12:29

Shadow chancellor set to act before March 2016. 

Former Tory universities minister slams Theresa May's plan to curb overseas student numbers
By Anoosh Chakelian - 23 December 8:40

The former universities and science minister, David Willetts, blasts the Home Secretary's proposal for a student visa overhaul.

The Sex Pistols in 1977, with Johnny Rotten third from left. Photo: Getty
Johnny Rotten: “You find the truth by ridiculing yourself”
By Kate Mossman - 22 December 16:35

NS pop critic Kate Mossman talks to the former Sex Pistol about Ed Miliband, Ukip and “men’s dangly bits”.

Enforcing “British values” is a convenient pretext for casual xenophobia and bigotry
By Rabah Kherbane - 22 December 16:22

The truth is, there is no substantial definition of "British values" and "integration", which are landmark terms for restrictive measures and border control. 

Alan Rusbridger. Photo: Getty
The Guardian’s future, the Ukip bubble and your choice of death by snow or poisonous chicken
By Peter Wilby - 22 December 14:54

With Islamist terrorists, ebola and poisonous chickens threatening to overwhelm us, you would think the British have enough to worry about.

Looking to 2015: what will happen to households when interest rates rise?
By Hugh Stickland - 22 December 13:47

Budgets are stretched tight but we must be ready for the inevitable change.

The bottom 10 per cent of households pay 47 per cent of their income in tax. But they would gain nothing from the parties' plans.
The poorest still pay the most tax - why aren't the parties promising to help them?
By George Eaton - 22 December 12:46

The bottom 10 per cent of households pay 47 per cent of their income in tax. But they would gain nothing from the parties' plans. 

Politicians ought to have a pint with their opponents more often
By Simon Danczuk - 22 December 11:25

Politics without blind tribal dogma? I’ll drink to that.

The benefit cap is making central London a no-go zone for low income families
By Fiona Twycross - 22 December 11:20

Families who have lived their whole lives in central London are being forced out by a perfect storm of falling wages, rocketing house prices and government cuts.

Child abuse survivors call on Theresa May to scrap and replace the current inquiry
By Anoosh Chakelian - 22 December 9:08

The victims of alleged historic cases of child abuse are urging the Home Secretary to set up a whole new, more powerful, inquiry.

Forming alliances: a run-down of the parties’ red lines
By Anoosh Chakelian - 19 December 16:28

Hung parliament preparations.

Having addressed the deficit and immigration, the party plans to focus on its greatest strength.
Labour to turn focus to health with 10-year NHS plan in January
By George Eaton - 19 December 16:12

Having addressed the deficit and immigration, the party plans to focus on its greatest strength. 

A sign at the entrance to the Yarl’s Wood detention centre. Photo: Aliya Mirza/Women for Refugee Women
Helen Lewis on Yarl’s Wood: we are detaining people indefinitely who have committed no crime
By Helen Lewis - 19 December 15:58

There are 13 immigration detention centres in Britain but only the name of Yarl’s Wood really resonates – it’s where nearly 400 stateless, powerless women – the majority of whom say they are previous victims of sexual violence – are held.

Ed and David Miliband at the moment when the former won the 2010 Labour leadership contest. Photo: Getty
The Milibands’ enduring rivalry, Gladstone’s example and Antony Sher plays Falstaff
By Jason Cowley - 19 December 15:14

It’s almost as if we are yearning for politicians of greater and diverse experience who know something of life beyond Westminster.

Tories have been ordered to be full of ho, ho, ho this Christmas. Photo: Getty
Commons Confidential: A shocking secret Santa
By Kevin Maguire - 19 December 14:34

Plus: an unexpected gnome.

"People just dismiss me": the leading policeman challenging the War on Drugs
By Tim Wigmore - 19 December 14:28

The Chief Constable of Durham, Mike Barton, breaks the taboo on drugs.

"The last backstop for the most vulnerable": what now for local welfare schemes?
By Megan Jarvie and Lindsay Judge - 19 December 12:29

Yesterday’s Provisional Local Government Settlement contained the worrying news that dedicated funding for council-run emergency support schemes will cease.

The fight against poverty overseas is undermined by money laundering in the UK
By Steve Barclay - 19 December 11:53

Why the government's anti-corruption plan is a missed opportunity.

A bit of Kinnock at Christmas. Photo: Getty
Christmas dinner comes early this year, with goulash, Kinnock and serious plotting
By Nick Lezard - 19 December 11:46

Everything went a bit hazy after that. It had got a bit hazy before, to be perfectly honest, because I had drunk about six bottles of wine and several shot glasses of slivovitz.

The party reaches the nadir prophesied by Chris Huhne in 2010.
Lib Dems hit new poll low of 5 per cent
By George Eaton - 19 December 11:44

The party reaches the nadir prophesied by Chris Huhne in 2010. 

Nigel Farage defends Ukip candidate's racist remark
By Anoosh Chakelian - 19 December 10:56

"If you go for a Chinese, what do you call it?"

Cutting council funds: the government's ill-conceived rebalancing act
By Joe Anderson - 19 December 9:42

The government's local authority cuts will inhibit growth in the regions, rather than building a "northern powerhouse".

The 2015 election campaign officially begins: what does this mean?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 19 December 8:41

The "long campaign" begins today.

Outdated? Pupils in Bristol open their A-level results. Photo: Getty
Kenneth Baker: thinking beyond A-levels
By Kenneth Baker - 18 December 17:00

The Conservative peer and former education secretary writes about the party’s plans for schools. 

When the state has to step in where the Big Society has failed
By Lisa Nandy - 18 December 16:55

The closure of the Northern Rock Foundation and creation of the Virgin Money Foundation is an example of where the state has had to step in where the Big Society has failed.

By rejecting Trident, Labour could balance the books and secure a workable government
By Kate Hudson - 18 December 16:43

The final vote on Trident replacement is due in 2016: for a government committed to paying down the deficit, a decision not to spend over £100bn on nuclear weapons has got to be a runner.

A new poll shows a third of current Green supporters plan to vote for Miliband's party at the general election.
Labour on course to squeeze the Greens in 2015
By George Eaton - 18 December 16:02

A new poll shows a third of current Green supporters plan to vote for Miliband's party at the general election. 

Forget disillusionment, voters have never been more empowered
By Tim Wigmore - 18 December 15:06

The electorate is increasingly promiscuous; MPs have to do more to hold onto their jobs.

Ashcroft's polls: Labour will not win a majority – and could lose four seats to Ukip
By Harry Lambert - 18 December 13:17

Ashcroft’s latest polls are discouraging for Labour.