Blair crisis: It's already over
By Martin Bright - 11 September 13:00

Labour MPs are split, not on the principle of forcing out Tony Blair, but on the method. Our politic

How Blair can spare himself humiliation and go with dignity
By Staff blogger - 11 September 13:00

It's the manner of the transition that counts

It must be Gordon, Gordon, Gordon
By Martin Bright - 11 September 13:00

David Miliband is the new foreign secretary so we thought this was good moment to look back to Septe

They never drink
By Kevin Maguire - 11 September 13:00

A rat - indeed, Roland Rat - is to swim back to the sinking ship once the captain is replaced on the bridge by the first mate.

Rory's week
By Rory Bremner - 04 September 13:00

If Charlie drank to give himself courage, Ming needs to develop a habit, soon

Once firmly in power, Tory governments are built to last
By Staff blogger - 04 September 13:00

New Labour has, for all the hubris, rarely been comfortable with power. Shortly after Tony Blair's landslide victory in 1997, senior aides were warning of the threat posed by William Hague.

Dinner for wife and kids
By Nick Pearce - 04 September 13:00

Observations on Danish prisons

A conspiracy unravels
By Red Box - 04 September 13:00

Gordon wants to eliminate Stephen, Stephen and Tony scheme against Gordon, Tony conspires with Alan

Tight trousers
By Kevin Maguire - 04 September 13:00

The 'Ull One, John Prescott, is digging another escape tunnel after Robominister John Reid placed him under house arrest during the airport terror show.

Gambling away Labour's principles
By Martin Bright - 04 September 13:00

The understanding among Blair's allies is that he intends to announce his plans well in advance of c

Labour's fault lines open up
By Charles Clarke - 04 September 13:00

As the political season opens and a Conservative revival gathers pace, former Home Secretary Charles

Mystic Martin
By Martin Bright - 03 September 13:50

My powers as a soothsayer looked a little bit wobbly on my return from holiday. In my first column after the break I suggested that Tony Blair could announce the timetable for his departure “well in advance” of party conference. Oops! Such are the risks of political prophecy.

Everyone's a winner - or a cheat
By Red Box - 28 August 13:00

Dr Reid wants the credit, Gordon meets a champion and Tony learns a valuable lesson.

When we need to be frightened, and when we do not
By Staff blogger - 28 August 13:00

Ministers must not be allowed to scare us into accepting new terror laws

Changing the rules*
By Sadakat Kadri - 28 August 13:00

Is it a crime to wear a peace slogan at Westminster? Can your other half enter a civil partnership w

Blunders, yes, but idealism, too
By Brian Brivati - 28 August 13:00

Terrible mistakes have been made, but overall I believe the historical judgement on the Blair years

It doesn't have to be Gordon's
By Michael Gove - 21 August 13:00

Labour MPs know the Chancellor isn't fit to be PM, yet they are accepting him by default. For the g

The revolution will be televised
By Red Box - 21 August 13:00

John Reid seizes power, <strong>John Prescott</strong> evades anti-terrorist police using only a Ben

The flaws in tabloid laws
By Clive Stafford Smith - 21 August 13:00

A populist policy will cut paedophiles off from proper supervision and make future crimes virtually

Wanted: a new foreign policy
By Staff blogger - 21 August 13:00

There is a link between this country's foreign policy and the threat of bomb attacks in Britain. On that much, it appears, we all now agree. Ministers used to claim that there was no connection, that bombers were bombers and it was wrong to think that British policy influenced their behaviour.

Mini-moto menace
By Daniel Trilling - 21 August 13:00

Observations on wheels

A show of damp knickers in public
By Peter Wilby - 21 August 13:00

As suspects in the alleged airline terror plot are detained, the holidaying Tony Blair comes under s

Persuading Britain’s Muslims will be no easy task
By Denis MacShane - 21 August 13:00

My heart sank as I read that ministers would fan out across the UK to try to persuade leaders of the Muslim communities (not "community" in the singular, please) of the justness of the government's foreign policy.

Where wealth disparities and violence meet
By Neal Lawson - 07 August 13:00

As our politicians shed responsibility for managing the economy they have to prove their importance

Managing chaos
By Francis Beckett - 07 August 13:00

<strong>Plundering the Public Sector: how new Labour are letting consultants run off with £70bn of o

Blood on his hands
By John Kampfner - 07 August 13:00

Blair knew the attack on Lebanon was coming but he didn't try to stop it, because he didn't want to.

The next Newbury
By Andrew Dobson - 07 August 13:00

Observations on roads

A presidency awaits
By Red Box - 07 August 13:00

Tony finds his real roots, Cherie finds his passport, while the perfect couple give Arnie the presen

The merits of the socialist picnic
By Kevin Maguire - 31 July 13:00

Spied on the yellowing grass of St James's Park: the socialist renewal picnic wing of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Reasons to be cheerful
By Martin Bright - 31 July 13:00

The pensions reforms show that when the government thinks long and hard about something, it can get