Tactical Briefing
By Jesse Armstrong - 09 October 10:29

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Requests for GB Moneyfacts

A Green New Deal?
By Caroline Lucas - 07 October 11:32

In her newstatesman.com blog, Green Party leader Caroline Lucas says it's time to make finance the s

The Met's closed culture
By Brian Paddick - 06 October 16:11

From the ground floor up, much of the police culture focuses around informal networks and off-duty s

Was the Mandelson deal done over breakfast in Manchester?
By Martin Bright - 04 October 10:03

Did Lord Sainsbury have a role in getting Peter Mandelson his new job?

Mandelson's surprise
By James Macintyre - 03 October 16:17

Mandelson's readmittance to the Labour fold has been branded a risk by most in the media. NS politic

Mandelson's baggage
By Martin Bright - 03 October 12:14

New Statesman political editor Martin Bright reacts to the astonishing news that Gordon Brown has fo

Lying with passion
By Paul Evans - 03 October 10:56

The US vice-presidential debate, the ups and downs of Michael Gove plus all the rest of the news and

Tactical Briefing
By Jesse Armstrong - 02 October 10:48

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: The world remade

The perils of regicide
By Steve Richards - 02 October 10:48

Five prime ministers in modern times have faced leadership challenges. But <strong>Gordon Brown</str

No credible alternative
By Martin Bright - 02 October 10:48

The Conservatives were supposed to be preparing for power in Birmingham. They were scuppered by even

Cameron's champage ban
By Kevin Maguire - 02 October 10:48

I overheard a City grandee complaining that the names of the hedge-fund boys bankrolling the leader'

Fighting on to the end
By Anthony Howard - 02 October 10:48

With our backs to the wall, and believing in the justice of our cause, each one of us must fight on

Weather makers
By James Robinson - 02 October 10:48

As storms break around Gordon Brown and David Cameron, politics is being shaped not by the party lea

Waiting for David
By Tara Hamilton-Miller - 02 October 10:48

Who was the kung fu panda? What's a pillow menu? These were the questions keeping Tories awake at co

Crisis, what crisis?
By Dominic Sandbrook - 02 October 10:48

It is nearly 30 years since Jim Callaghan spoke of a sea change in British politics. We are at a sim

Blears joins the Tories
By Hazel Blears - 01 October 17:51

Surprise in Birmingham as government minister Hazel Blears turns up at the Tory conference only to s

Interview: Peter Mandelson
By James Macintyre - 01 October 10:49

Just before being reappointed to the Cabinet Peter Mandelson, one of the key architects of New Labou

Sombre Tories
By Grant Shapps - 01 October 10:10

'The mood has been somewhat sombre as the first priority is to ensure stability in the banking and f

Beware Brown's briefers
By James Macintyre - 30 September 15:54

Geoff Hoon warns against the unhealthy habit of briefing journalists, repeats his appeal to stay in

Labour's film stars
By Jonathan Calder - 30 September 10:51

I have been told that Glenda Jackson, an obscure backbencher who was briefly a transport minister, a

Tackling homelessness
By Grant Shapps - 29 September 19:34

'It is vital that this conference demonstrates our commitment to change; that we set out our plan fo

Cameron's liberal lie
By Ashish Prashar - 29 September 11:49

After two and a half years of working for the Tories, including being press officer and believing in

Yet to seal the deal
By Eric Pickles - 27 September 10:27

Manchester was a brutal and sometimes chaotic week, but the prospects for the forthcoming Conservati

Spending less time with your family...
By Richard Herring - 26 September 15:53

Wouldn't we like our politicians more if they didn't treat us like children? Wouldn't we like them m

Nuisance caller?
By Jonathan Calder - 26 September 13:56

Plans to telephone 250,000 people using a recorded message from Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg have been

Go fourth the stickers proclaimed
By Paul Evans - 26 September 12:40

Just what have the bloggers been saying in the week Gordon Brown pulled back from the brink...

Facing deportation
By Katy Taylor - 25 September 16:30

Asylum seekers the Nukajem family are waiting in Yarls Wood detention to find out if they are to be

Brown’s big moment
By Martin Bright - 25 September 11:22

The Prime Minister faced down his enemies and won back Labour's confidence. Now comes the difficult

The dynamics of power
By Richard Reeves - 25 September 11:22

In his new study of British democracy in the 20th century David Marquand identifies four strands of

Hezzaband in Manchester
By Kevin Maguire - 25 September 11:22

Curses in Brownsville while the Buller mystery unfolds