Don't blame it on the nurses!
By Dave Prentis - 08 April 17:00

George Osborne's scapegoating public sector workers for the excesses of his friends in the City is o

G20 a bitter pill
By Julian Oram - 03 April 15:29

The World Development Movement's head of policy reflects on a G20 he believes has achieved a little

Black humour in Scotland Yard?
By Paul Evans - 03 April 12:13

The gathering of the clans

People's protest clogs city
By Anisha Ahmed - 02 April 16:39

Life in London slowed down as hotspots of protests sprang up in different parts of the city

Banned from the G20
By Benedict Southworth - 02 April 13:17

I was supposed to be writing from inside the G20 summit exclusively for the New Statesman but last n

Face up to the challenge
By Michael White - 02 April 12:47

As the Westminster elite grow ever less confident, alienation from mainstream politics is increasing

Diary: Anthony Howard
By Anthony Howard - 02 April 12:47

How I became TV’s memory man...

Far from a circus of nihilists
By Anthony Barnett - 02 April 12:47

Anthony Barnett denounces Conor Gearty’s attack on the Convention on Modern Liberty as a gathering o

Not barmy about the army
By Peter Wilby - 02 April 12:47

. . . on British attitudes to battles, bald leaders and booze

Tommy-Gun and the Spandau connection
By Kevin Maguire - 02 April 12:47

Kevin Maguire brings you all the gossip from the Westminster Village

Wheeler welcome your money
By Nigel Farage - 31 March 18:48

The UKIP leader on why he's happy to take Stuart Wheeler's cash - even if he plans to vote Tory at t

Marching out of the crisis
By Kate Blagojevic - 30 March 17:39

World Development Movement's Kate Blagojevic
shares her experience of marching with thousands to pr

What G20 countries want
By George Eaton - 30 March 15:48

As the leaders of the world's biggest economies gather in London we look at some of the competing de

The Crash - a view from the left

We have to remake democracy and rediscover our capacity for collective change. We need a new sociali

Put the people first
By Benedict Southworth - 27 March 13:11

G20 leaders must decide to turn this crisis into an opportunity. We want to see radical change that

A brotherhood of bloggers...
By Paul Evans - 27 March 12:53

A thin silver pencil

I was pleased to knock back some free plonk at the Orwell Prize debate on Wednesday, at which the shortlist for the inaugural blog award was announced.

Hello, Mr President
By Sebastian Shakespeare - 26 March 10:11

Observations on Obamania

A dangerous paranoia
By Sigrid Rausing - 26 March 10:11

The Home Office is attempting to sell the concept of ID cards to the public by claiming they are an

Diary: Vince Cable
By Vincent Cable - 26 March 10:11

One man thinks I’m a free tax accountant - the Lib Dem shadow chancellor on his week

We love to ride our bicycles
By Kevin Maguire - 26 March 10:11

Kevin Maguire brings you all the gossip from the Westminster Village

The rules are no excuse
By Staff blogger - 26 March 10:11

Tony McNulty is a good minister. At the Home Office, with responsibility for immigration and, later, policing and counterterrorism, his plain speaking brought a refreshing humanity to the government.

Chess in 20 dimensions
By Andrew Grice - 26 March 10:11

Gordon Brown knows that his last chance of staging another comeback rests not on the G20 summit, but

London calls the street rebels
By Paul Kingsnorth - 26 March 10:11

The global justice movement is back in town – and planning the biggest rally since the Iraq War marc

The Nudgeocon
By Gideon Donald - 26 March 10:11

I almost resigned after Campbell spiked me

Interview: Ed Balls
By Gloria De Piero - 26 March 10:11

‘‘Do I want to be chancellor? Of course I do. I’d love it’’
Gloria De Piero spends the day with Ed

Ed Miliband must resign
By Peter Wilby - 26 March 10:11

. . . on political heroes, nationalised banks and family confessionals

Permission to dance?
By Nigel Farage - 24 March 14:52

We used to understand those who offered themselves on call to help in an emergency were a benefit to

How Cameron's failing the Clarke test
By James Macintyre - 24 March 12:23

By pressing ahead with his plans to lift the inheritance tax threshold David Cameron is marking the

The fictional minister for Cornwall
By Matthew Taylor MP - 20 March 13:59

The Lib Dem MP explains how he believes the Tories are targeting constituencies in which they are no