Dave plays the long game, but he won’t bat for the other side
By Gideon Donald - 12 May 8:16

We were at the New Inn when Dave realised he had blown it. The result from Tooting flashed up and, frowning, he almost shouted: "That doesn't look so clever, honey-bun."

The accidental political broadcast
By Ryan Gilbey - 12 May 8:16

Most would agree that television elbowed the print media out of the frame during this year's election and stomped on the toes of bloggers, tweeters and Mumsnetters alike.

The political journey of Gordon Brown
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 10 May 20:05

Chris Harvie on the many faces of the Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown's last stand
By Jason Cowley - 09 May 11:28

There is a pathos to the struggles of Gordon Brown. Friends “mourn” for him, but the Prime Minister

Cameron reaches out to Clegg and Lib Dems
By New Statesman - 07 May 14:40

World is looking to Britain for decisive action, Cameron says.

Poll position
By Sophie Elmhirst - 05 May 16:37

With every election, a special breed of people who live by getting it right comes into its own. Meet

Labour’s great upset
By Neil Clark - 05 May 13:12

It’s election time, and the front-runner thinks it has the edge –– just –– over its opponents. But t

A logical progression
By Charles Kennedy - 05 May 9:02

With Clegg and the Lib Dems pointing the way to progressive, three-party politics, Cameron seems to

Fingers on buzzwords
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 05 May 9:01

The election campaign hasn’t been all surface effects. There’s been a bit of philosophy at times, to

Cleggy battles the pink robot (and loses)
By Gideon Donald - 04 May 7:37

You may not believe me, and it matters not a jot, for I care only about the result rather than issues of credit, but everything has gone entirely to plan.

Show some Respect
By George Eaton - 04 May 7:37

The Poplar vote

“I urge Lib Dems to bite their lip and back us”
By Mehdi Hasan - 04 May 7:37

Ed Balls, Gordon Brown’s closest ally, talks to Mehdi Hasan about Labour values, being hated and whe

The Returning Officer
By Stephen Brasher - 04 May 7:37

Votes for women

Leader: All change please, the old order terminates here
By Staff blogger - 04 May 7:37

We need a Labour-Lib Dem coalition committed to electoral reform to seize this progressive moment.

Where next for the Tories?
By James Macintyre - 04 May 7:37

If David Cameron fails to deliver a clear victory for the Conservative Party, his so-called modernis

Close encounters of three kinds
By Mike Smithson - 04 May 7:37

Getting a Clegg up

A caricature that strikes a duff note
By Peter Wilby - 04 May 7:37

Does Gillian Duffy exist? The question is not as foolish or frivolous as it may seem.

The NS Interview: David Owen
By Alyssa McDonald - 04 May 7:37

“In a coalition, Alistair Darling could be prime minister”

Boy George goes undercover
By Kevin Maguire - 04 May 7:37

"Sir" George Osborne's public profile is close to zero after David Cameron sensibly locked the shadow chancellor in Tory Towers to avoid frightening the horses.

Strenuous liberty
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 03 May 23:55

Party leaders come face to face with participatory democracy.

Progressives: very best of enemies
By Geoffrey Wheatcroft - 03 May 8:34

We shouldn’t get overexcited by talk of a revival in the leftist alliance –– not just yet. The rift

Tartan Tories strike back
By Alyssa McDonald - 03 May 8:21

The Conservatives hold just one seat for Scotland in Westminster, but starting with the help of a 26

By Sophie Elmhirst - 30 April 11:03

As in "Cleggmania". And "Tigermania". And "Twilight-mania".

The Returning Officer
By Stephen Brasher - 29 April 13:17

Lobby fodder

Commons Confidential
By Kevin Maguire - 29 April 13:15

Comical Ali’s laughable campaign.

Leader: This election presents opportunity, but also danger
By Staff blogger - 29 April 8:12

The most unpredictable election campaign in modern times moves chaotically towards its close, with David Cameron "ambushed" by the parent of a disabled child, and Gordon Brown overheard disparaging one woman voter as a "bigot"

Why deadlock means danger
By Peter Kellner - 29 April 8:12

A hung parliament with a large Lib Dem contingent is far better news for the Tories than for Labour.

“I know you are angry, but you must vote Labour”
By James Macintyre - 29 April 8:12

Douglas Alexander talks to James Macintyre

The NS Interview: Neil Kinnock
By Alyssa McDonald - 29 April 8:12

“Will we win on 6 May? At the moment, it doesn’t look like it”