The chaos of Cameronism
By Mehdi Hasan - 12 August 8:12

The Con-Lib coalition’s hyperactivity has led to a shambolic three months of U-turns, scandals and e

What if...Britain had said no to the IMF
By Dominic Sandbrook - 11 August 16:26

The date is 2 December 1976. One image dominates the papers: a bewildered, middle-aged Thames Television presenter, surrounded by sneering youngsters.

Are we being unfair about “the big society”?
By John Ashmore - 10 August 17:46

Taken as a whole, the coalition’s proposals amount to some seriously joined-up thinking.

Why the “big society” means less freedom for us all
By Holly Combe - 10 August 15:49

Cameron’s pet project is an insidious attempt to undermine common liberty.

By Stephen Brasher - 09 August 15:58

Jasper Parrott was the MP for Totnes (1832-39), and William Wilberforce Bird (a cousin of the better-known W W) served for Coventry (1796-1802).

Union says graduate tax will hit key workers hard
By New Statesman - 09 August 9:44

Fears of job shortages under Cable's plans.

The myth of the welfare queen
By Ashley Sayeau - 09 August 9:18

The coalition’s attack on the benefits system appears to be a copy of US policy, and it is single mo

Unison threatens court action over NHS reforms
By New Statesman - 06 August 16:22

Union head claims that NHS managers are being 'pressurised' into changes.

Shadow ministers urge BBC to become co-operative
By New Statesman - 06 August 13:56

Jowell and Miliband argue that move would make corporation more democratic.

The backbencher with big ambitions
By James Macintyre - 06 August 9:23

James Macintyre meets Andrew Tyrie

Has Ed Miliband smelt the coffee?
By Richard Darlington - 05 August 16:30

New poll suggests that the next Labour leader will need to rebrand the party completely.

100 days of Dave
By Tim Montgomerie - 05 August 0:36

Tim Montgomerie runs through the ten moments that define David Cameron’s first three months in power

The fear of unemployment spreads
By David Blanchflower - 05 August 0:36

If public anxiety foreshadows a rise in joblessness, the Chancellor may have to reverse course. And

How Dave hit the ground sprinting
By Mehdi Hasan - 05 August 0:36

David Cameron has adopted shock-and-awe tactics in his first 100 days as Prime Minister, going furth

Nick Clegg is our Buzz Lightyear
By Alice Miles - 05 August 0:36

The government’s belief that volunteers can sort out society’s problems is nothing short of fantasy.

Blair must be arrested under the Proceeds of Crime act
By John Pilger - 05 August 0:36

Having helped destroy other nations far away, our former prime minister — “peace envoy” to the Middle East -- is a criminal.

Leader: One last chance for the deficit hawks to change course
By Staff blogger - 05 August 0:36

The Tories and the Lib Dems could, and should, use the Spending Review to scale back the level of th

Talking shop at the Test is just not cricket
By Gideon Donald - 05 August 0:36

We may all be Etonians now, but the important thing is not where you were sent to school, it is with whom you chose to go to university, and there can be no doubting there has been a seismic shift within the party from Cambrid

Has David Davis ever seen Brokeback Mountain?
By Iain Dale - 05 August 0:36

The truth about the Tory maverick and the Hollywood hit.

Central Office of Information to axe 40 per cent staff
By New Statesman - 04 August 11:12

287 jobs to go to create 'leaner' service.

Ed Miliband recruits thousands via text message
By Caroline Crampton - 02 August 12:32

But the comparisons with Barack Obama are now becoming more than a little stale.

The big art sell-off
By Stewart Lee - 02 August 9:06

The effect of David Cameron’s “big society” will be to drive artists and performers into the arms of

Leave the jokes to the comedians
By Chris Addison - 30 July 15:00

Nick Robinson's injection of sarky humour into news reporting is utterly misplaced. There is a place

“Charity doesn’t stop at home”
By James Macintyre - 30 July 11:08

Andrew Mitchell, the new International Development Secretary, talks to our political correspondent a

Let me explain the comfy trainers
By Rebecca Front - 30 July 10:04

If you enjoy watching the BBC series The Thick of It, you may well have wondered which female cabinet minister my character, Nicola Murray, is meant to be.

We don’t need you today, oh Mandy
By Gideon Donald - 30 July 9:55

Despite our best efforts, the Third Man charms his way past "friends in security" and corners Dave and me in the garden

Leader: Afghanistan, war crimes and the agony of a futile conflict
By Staff blogger - 29 July 8:13

The WikiLeaks material may prove a turning point for the anti-war cause.

It’s Operation Target Ed Miliband
By Mehdi Hasan - 29 July 8:13

Ed Miliband may have been attacked as a “Bennite” by the left and the right, but he still has the mo

The NS Interview: Alan B’Stard, former MP

“Get out of Afghanistan, Dave — there are safer places to get opium.”

Charity must not stop at home
By James Macintyre - 29 July 8:13

The International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell, defends the decision to ring-fence oversea