“We are trying to find alternatives”
By Liam Byrne - 11 September 10:52

The immigration minister defends detention for children

Tactical Briefing
By Jesse Armstrong - 11 September 10:52

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: The speech of your life

Innocent prisoners
By Gillian Slovo - 11 September 10:52

Only Asylum-seekers' children can be locked up without committing a crime. Gillian Slovo visited two

A lesson from Germany
By Denis MacShane - 11 September 10:52

Across Europe, parties of the left are replacing their leaders in a desperate attempt to regain lost

Trial and terror
By Peter Tatchell - 11 September 10:52

Observations on London

Two diagnoses, one conclusion
By Martin Bright - 11 September 10:52

The unions and the Liberal Democrats agree on one thing: new Labour is at the end of the road

The Brighton soviet
By Kevin Maguire - 11 September 10:52

The workers, disunited, will never be divided

There's always another option
By Lynne Featherstone - 11 September 10:52

Labour supporters don't have to keep playing the "Waiting for Gordon" game argues Lib Dem MP Lynne F

Is Blair a time limited liability?
By Brian Paddick - 10 September 13:48

Ex-top cop Brian Paddick on the suspension of the Met's Tarique Ghaffur and how Commissioner Ian Bla

Real passion at the TUC fringe
By Martin Bright - 09 September 18:10

Martin Bright finds anger and genuine belief but not necessarily the right answers at the Morning St

A way out for Brown?
By Michael Kenny - 09 September 14:11

Is Gordon Brown finished? Well not necessarily so, according to the IPPR's Prof. Michael Kenny. And

Having Gordon for dinner
By Jeremy Dear - 09 September 13:10

The argument against striking is that we will help bring down the Labour government – frankly they d

No dogma like old dogma
By Billy Hayes - 09 September 12:09

They keep on trying to privatise and it's time for the public to prevent asset strippers from acquir

By Victoria Brignell - 08 September 17:19

'I dreamt that I saw Iain Duncan Smith riding on an ostrich through Parliament Square. Make of that

Where the Hard Left and Extreme Right Meet
By Martin Bright - 08 September 16:29

One of the world's most notorious anti-Zionists takes aim at critics of a fellow Holocaust-denier

Weekend Round-Up -- 8 September 2008
By Martin Bright - 08 September 15:19

Following Charles Clarke's intervention in the New Statesman last week, the commentariat turned up t

Charles Clarke, the New Statesman and the future of the Labour Party
By Martin Bright - 05 September 16:08

The former Home Secretary's article in this week's New Statesman whipped up a storm, but what's the

Palin is the new Chuck Norris
By Paul Evans - 05 September 12:21

Curbing Scottish drinking, being named after a favourite fishing spot and giddy excitement over Bris

Hidden lives, public voices
By Staff blogger - 04 September 11:29

Broadcaster Esther Rantzen reads Morgan's story - part of our <em><a href="http://www.newstatesman.c

No place for children
By Sir Al Aynsley-Green - 04 September 11:11

The UK has one of the worst records in Europe for detaining children but accurate figures on how man

Time to end Just William politics
By Charles Clarke - 04 September 11:11

In a New Statesman exclusive Charles Clarke takes on critics who abuse the word Bla

Wisdom teeth
By Neil Clark - 04 September 11:11

Can't find an NHS dentist? Don't despair, it may soon be easier than you think. Private dentists, it

Inequality kills
By Peter Wilby - 04 September 11:11

Politicians take heed: social injustice is, literally, deadly

Five stark truths
By Martin Bright - 04 September 11:11

The summer did not bring a coup against <strong>Gordon Brown</strong>, but during this time some ine

“The detainees have got pain in their eyes”
By Meltem Avcil - 04 September 11:11

In my school report this summer, they said I was an excellent student. I am making a new start and o

Dave's fat-wa downsizes the Tories
By Kevin Maguire - 04 September 11:11

Pickles has taken to opening his suit jacket to show he's downsizing although, I hear from one under

“My dreams are not important to anyone”
By Staff blogger - 04 September 11:11

'Our first night in Yarl's Wood was just terrible. We couldn't eat and we couldn't sleep. There were

Fairness - or nothing
By Sunder Katwala - 04 September 11:11

Labour must face down the Tories on the "fair" agenda with concrete policies that they can't follow

A pointless and brutal practice
By Natasha Walter - 04 September 11:11

Natasha Walter introduces the shocking cases of two young girls detained at Yarl's Wood

Tactical Briefing
By Jesse Armstrong - 04 September 11:11

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Speech